im back again….

Sometimes I feel like a sponge being tossed about in my bathtub of a life. Highly porous and influenced by any new condition introduced.  The slightest ripple reverbs thru the place. if A large stones thrown  I feel like I’m being drowned. Who needs waterboarding to break you when you’re an unknown writer lost in the big shitty..

Of course the look on the bright side pundits would argue it allows for malleability. An open vein for new ideas. And ill never be stumped to run in new directions. That’s called flexibility in 9to5 circles.  Great. It also means that whatever already sits here in my mind is easily “affected” material. (Until its typed?) Wish I had more bristle and blowback for the outside. Might equals right in all arenas. at least this tiny minnow figured that part out. now its times to go puffer fish and grow some spikes.

Just watched the first seven episodes/season one of the critically lauded downton abbey. (Ill talk more about where I feel the series veered wrong and sadly veered early). Its set in early 20th century england. Oh fuck all that. ill make it easy. 1914. The brits, as we americans know, are stiff upper lipped buttoned tight, well mannered ducks with fast legs driving mad unseen below the pond water. And Americans, as brits know (they even jab us in the ribs a few times on the show), are loud and brassy. Gregariously tackey. Not a  manner about us but tonnes of horsepower in raw steely bravado and childish “say anything” gusto. Gee. Guess where I sit?  Back then buggys rolled down mud thick streets, a man came to light your street lamp, and most of the west was still shitting in a pot.  If one revealed enthusiasm or honest feelings they dug an embarassing (word of the week) social black hole they couldn’t climb out of until the next turnabout. Lovely.

Now with modern tech there are infinitely more holes to fall into. And these holes are filled with landmines. at least were shitting in flush toliets. Everyone has a phone and a computer and a phone that’s a computer by his side and can draw/fire at anytime..there’s just a lot more shit to have to respond or not respond to. So how? how to respond to texts and emails? Depends.  If you’re not responding are you busy or ignoring. it matters. Busy is better. Do you add relative unknowns on social media? Depends.  Do you bother to look them up (everyones got a nice online portfolio compliments of corporations selling all our info) Depends.  do you defend yourself before your profile is found. Who knew there had to be such a bother. I’d rather we could be free. And act as we please and not be considered anything but ourselves. However thanks to the gimme gimme psychos among us comingled with the loose sexual mores of our “neighbors” (aka assholes we breathe air with that’ll fuck anyone) we have to feign indifference to the point of rudeness and coy to the point of alloof. And busy (love that) busy busy all the time.

Which is why I wrote (in this blog here    ) about our need to be able to know who someone is before they know us. Like modern wargames. In my utopia we’d cut down on the curtsies and wear hats that state our position clearly. No ones hiding. all things in life being timely..I came across an article about the Eye of Horus and its ability to do the same. This all seeing eye, imbued with the magical power of the gods (who see and know all at all times), reveals the true nature of the man its pointed at. Wish I could wear one when I went outside. If this power could be given to us we wouldn’t need to “find friends” search for mates. Apply for “jobs” watch those false time wasters called political “primaries”

When we wore it and looked in the mirror what would we see? That might be those most powerful aspect of this.

spoiler aplenty in the next section…

As for downton abbey.. It started off with a bang. Great dialogue. Interesting characters given due respect and proper place. Then an hour and a half in the moste chaste woman of the house who’s entire life depends on her not having done the nasty has a fling with some random model looking hottie visiting for one night from turkey. If that isn’t enough of a character stretch this dude dies while she’s banging him. And then everyone finds out. So we keep hearing the dead characters name over and over pronounced with heavy emphasis. “PA (pause) MoOoOk. Annoying!!!

Why??? Why paint your lead character into this impossible corner in the second epidsode? let us like her first.  this show jumped the shark and jumped it early. We know it wouldn’t stay within realms of reason ever again. And this doesn’t excite me as a viewer. It makes me distrust the show. Anyone can be a thief a murderer a whore or a magical fairy wizard unicorn. Please writers I beg you. Intro the twists one at a time.

true to the cobbled together soap opera nature of the show the moms pregnancy with a son, the son that could save all of them from misfortune, is miscarried when she slips on a half bar of soap that her maid just happened to place with her foot on the “back side” of the clawfoot tub. a direction no one would exit it and certainly wouldnt do it without help. theres nothing wrong with being believable. ill say it until i die or get to the writers table myself.

back at full strenght and badass as ever,


odie mama.



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