softinthe brain…and loving it.

im writing my entry early. have a feeling that tomorrow i wont be up to the task. my brain feels like a yolk balancing between two jagged stones. the slightest slip and itll go splat. maybe my fever will help cook it a bit. firm it up before that happens.

its midnight in new york. the sun went down long ago. and my sinuses blew up this afternoon. oh what hell im going thru. i feel like i have brain damage. i tend to be much nicer when im sick like this. i talk slower. i havent a worry in the world serious enough to care about. i cant focus long enough on a single point to make a valid assumption. in some ways  its like a much needed vacation away from my brain. ah fritters and triffles. fritters and triffles.

apple fritter sounds great right now. youre not supposed to eat sugar when youre sick. contributes to the mucus. yuck. but i cant deny myself all earlthy pleasures when im feeling this fucked up. today i had chocolate with hazelnuts. and a tankard of cranberry juice. and a lot of fig newtons. they probably have horse glue as the binding agent and puree of dog liver for coloring and flavor. i quite like them. they certainly are as far from a fig and a newton as food can get. they have the “real ones” grammy makes at the corner delis in ny. without the chemicals they tend to get chalky and hard a day after unwrapping. reminds me of my saying about nyc. being able to buy imported exotics from the corner deli 24/7 is not worth the aggrevation of a 50 person brigade outside your door at all hours. some would disagree.

i worked on the and yesterday. booyah. my biggest problem seems to be deciding on a precise course of action for the characters. i also want some elements of surprise. one nurse is like ratchett. but should she come off hard line from the jump or should she have a kind of malicious courtesy about her. that would be more interesting no?. how to achieve that?

im not somuch worried about plot holes as i am about “keeping it real” and keeping eveeryone interested. i want there to be a lot of bang and buck when this hits the planks (stage).

i somehow am stuck in a victorian period piece movement on netflicks. the rich consumed with money and keeping their class in england. lots of fabrick on the dresses. lots of do in the hair. i guess its the witty dialogue that got me hooked. and the foreign setting of the whole time. have i mentioned how much i learned netflix. i could have skipped college and save a lot of money for all the stuff im learning through documentaries.

i really love them.

alright well thats tomorrow assignment. i still enjoyed writing it..

out of the way and on to bed.

ii hope if your well you stay well. and if youre sick you get better.


odie mama.



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