any given sunday

i was watching competitive bowling (prob because ill find any excuse not to write) and i couldnt help but think about how specialization gave us the time and the money to support athletes who throw these heavy marbles down a wooden lanes in order to hit fiberglass “pins” down a hole. if you want to be the best player you have to wear this thumb glove, pull your arm back like a baseball pitcher, sashay down the gangway in tapdancer shoes and after you roll the ball towards the end ditch (and away for the two side ditches )  you msut  kick your leg back like a tango dancer. its hard to do. and it looks painful. i can only imagine the arm and hip injuries from a lifetime at this sport. lets ask contestant number one. (justkidding)

im sure this sport started as a cut off head being hit with a stick down a dusty lane when guys had downtime between battles. oh. thats polo. maybe it started as a head just being rolled by hand down a lane to knock some pottery out of the way. i like this societal phenomenon called specialization. no matter how odd or “pointless” the results some good always comes of it. something cool like bowling. i wonder what will happen to odd little sports and art and music when the middle class is finally destroyed.

my other sports issue to address is the tim tebow praise jebus post game salute. yes im throwing my cowboy hat in the ring for this one. my premise is that tim tebow is not a real man of faith. oh he definitely believes that he believes in jesus. what im contending is that his idea of faith is not what true faith is about. and the evidence came when the broncos lost their season ending game two weeks ago. usually after a win tebow gets down on his knees and does some “i love jesus. thank you jesus” in your face maneuver. but because they lost he just went inside to cry in the lockerroom. a true man of faith would have still gotten down and thanked god in public, even for the loss. real men of faith know to thank god in times of victory and in loss. for if gods as mighty as you praise him to be during the winning times  dont you agree he also sent you packing? yes. and yes. (unless he contends the devil created this loss as well. then hes nuts)

i didnt need tebows bad behavior two weeks ago to prove  hes not a true man of faith. i knew it all along. every time he did the public showboating and the preaching and the commercials  about his love for god he proved he had no idea what god was about. because his message, that jesus loves him because he survived the abortion and jesus loves him so because he won these games, hinges an “equal and opposite reaction” premise : namely that jesus didnt love the other guys who lost the games or their lives. (which doesnt make sense under the good christian principle). im not saying our lives cant have meaning no matter how unsuccesful. but shoving the jesus banner down our throats after a game of football shows ignorance, self righteouness to the point of nauseum, and what “faith” looks like when its used as a promotional tool.

everytime he went through his motion of knee slapping and smiled high to the heavens he did so with the whim that jesus singled him out for spectacular achievement and loves him more than others. again, if we know jesus we know this to not be true. sorry folks. there are no “chosen” people in the christian faith. in other religions yes. but this wont be addressed here in this blog. ever.

so it was all too fitting that when he didnt win he wasnt able to thank his lord and savior. a true man of faith would have praised him all the same. win or lose. the almighty had brought him to this point. why not thank him for this as well? didnt he create this loss? dont you believe in him anymore? whats that man of faith? i cant hear you….

i know why he didnt get down on his knees at this inopportune time. because tebow is a self serving ignorant jackass who touts his love of jesus like hes wearing stars on a generals jacket.

modesty my friends is one of the true tenants of faith. a believer doesnt need to live shutaway in a cave by the seaside on a diet or herbs and roots with only daily prayer for comfort. but true believers know that love for their god is sacred. and highly personal.  and not a badge to show all shiny to the world. faith can be shared and spoken about in appropriate circles. the man who speaks loudest about  how much he has often has the empty bowl.

“thou dost profess too much”

tebow wouldnt have survived in ancient times. his hubris would have struck him down;  aka society might have stoned him for his obnoxious displays. his ignorance of the teaching of christ combined with his one mans pride trip parades in the lords name should not be rewarded or praised.

why does todays society give him any due?

ahh. food for thought.


odie mama.



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