sick again :(

dear wordpress engineers and scholars. if youre thinking about featuring my blog today, dont do it. please use another entry as th header if you insist.. id love to be featured. just not now. not when im feeling like this and writing this poorly. this entrys no good and im feeling like a real douche bag. the end.

the explanation is below;

im a one man leper colony. facing my third round of illness in as many weeks. waht the hell is going on. its like illness is all around me. and i always do my best to avoid it. thats never giong to be good enough. you gotta get sick sometime. fine. but over and over and over again. i cant stand it.

this is why i insist on waashing hands often and never sharing drinks and not shaking hands, etc…and whatever else i can do. to avoid these nightmares.  other mortals can insist its my immune system. sorry others. its not. my immunity is fine. the outside community of diseased pariahs has compromised my health. theyve introduced this caca into my zone.

lets make it clear that i spend the majority of my time at home and im not that asshole that created these virues. thank you.

if i had a choice i would stay home for weeks at a time. i wouldnt mind never leaving. this is in essense the closest i can get to a closed system style of living. a few good books and unlimited tv/ps3/netflix and internet…im good to go. this would mean unlimited time to work on my play.

im not going to write much today. ive lost the spirit to do so. angry. tired. frustrated at what im dealing with her. vowing to stay in the next 4 days completely. iim not leaving home unless its the friggin end of the world.


all the same.

love ,

odie mama.



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