moving forward

still trying to figure out the intricacies of wordpress blogging. there are things called tags. and things called categories. tags arent categories. categories are easy to add. tages arent. and if i dont have tags then the world cant follow me..but ive only been adding categories up until this point. so im going to have to go in there somehow and fix those missing things from all the past 100 posts. or just fix everything moving forward.

i like the idea of moving forward in a project. when we start something it begins as one thing..and as you move forward with it it changes into something different. it grows as if an organic being with genuine maturity stages. then it cycles. molts and sheds. grows a new exoskeleton. an d hopefully when it finally emerges from the chrysalis, it  is a butterfly. a  gorgeous eye popping engrossing big budget large audience critically acclaimed butterfly.

hell at this point id even take a moth. theyre beautiful too. dont get all silence of the lambs on me now.

speaking of powerful films. in a fun upbeat snazzy strange way.. hav e you seen Party Girl? 1995 with parker posey.*

oh ill do a little extra work and make it easy.

party girl:

parker posey:

there you go!

for some reason netflix put it in the “goofy” category. i hate that word. its not goofy. its unique and strange and weird and clever and artistic and well written and  zany and…anything else but goof.

damn i loved that film. parkers amazing in it. didnt like her til i saw this. i always thought she looked a bit like a piranha. and had the jagged edge vibe of the demon looking actress faruka baizal. member her? she really looks like demon spawn. not just because she starred in that Craft movie.  (what happened to those girls anyhow?). shes got the light eyes with the dark dark hair and the round face and those sharp teeth in a wide smile. like the chesire cat. or the octopus undersea witch from the little mermaid.

PP was..let me look it up. 1995-1968. she was only 27 when she starred in it. the role is perfect for her. like her break out debut hitting all the switches magic role.  (did she ever play someone this great again?) she plays someone whos 24. in ny. (easily believeable looks wise. 20 in this shitty= 30 year old anywhere else in the world). but she had such a clarity about her actions i had a feeling her character was older. (does that make sense?). i mean her character could have been 30 on paper.

moving forwards… parkers a party person that is struggling to pay rent and survive and still wear designer and party at night.  but she has this irascible maturity thing going on. super witty. incredible come back lines. fiercely independent. (almost to the point of self destruction). doesnt take no for an answer. unafraid to try new things from strange sources (sex/drugs) but shes not a skank or a crack head.  she gets mega bonus points in my mind  for her  sense for clothing. every outfit she has is crafted. she always adds some kind of wig (priness leiah? bun rolls/ extensions.braaids/twists) to her hair. has a homeless designer bohemian polish. interesting accessories totally apporpriate.  that should have all been in the past tense…but we’re… moving forward :)

p.s. the soundtrack for the film was also amazing.

i remember what the style trends were in 95. how oculd i forget?  i struggled each and every morning to concoct something that was cool for highschool but not whore. sexy but not give it up. trendy but not played out. (this was a full two years before i said fuck it all and wore sweatshirts and recommissioned bellbottoms every day). and some of the stuff i wore looked cute at the time in 95, but if we saw it now… chunky heels? mini vests? leather purse backpacks. holeee shit. berets??

but parkers stuff in the movie looks timeless. crazy timeless. i love.

time to work on that play. its sitting in my mind like an undigestable stone. gnawing. eating. torturing me to be finished.

please god give me strength. as my good southern mom would say.


odie mama.

*very interesting to see what happened to her career. after her turn in party girl she could have done anything. she was that good in it. but. against her agents wishes,  she decided to act in 2 supporting roles instead of going to for the big roles of a lifetime. those big roles would have made her A list…instead she got stuck in indy film hell.  where if you read her quotes from some years ago..she doesnt want to be. should she have listened to her agents? i think so. you go for the power roles and get all the future indie roles you want…



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