under construction.

as my daily readers will notice (hi fuge!!)  im currently working on the overall appearance of the blog. you might see a few different themes in the next few days. hang in there. your unwavering loyalty is appreciated.

one of the things thats interesting about wordpress is that they have a large variety of themes (which was the carrot on the end of the stick for me), BUT they offer very little customization, even for the pay versions of the site.*   yes ive been blogging for free. and im grateful. but this blog experience is missing some basics.  even for money it looks like i wont be able to change entry level elements of the blog??? wtf??

for instance i think i would have to program some css something or other in order to change a font color.  isnt that just crazy? why should i have to pay money  to change the type of  font in my blog and then program in the colors? blogs are fonts! this option should be a given. (are you listening wordpress engineeeers??? prob not. they want to get paid lik everyone else) .

maybe in a few weeks ill plunk down the 30 cash. pray to the gods of blog and hope that the changes i want are avail….im stills scared that after the investment i wont be able to make the needed changes. (yes its only 30)

also just looked into a something called “typekit”…no idea how it works. ill need to do more research.

back to my layout problem;

because of the lack of customizations for basics even like fonts ive been forced to look for a blog that has my needs already built in. and i need a blog that apparently most other people dont. one the highlights written and photo entries alike….

in essence my perfect theme provides  narrower columns for my written entries +. large clear font. but also has large columns for the photos..  non shruken/not cut off pictures.  this must be the conflict. i need small and large together..hmm.

also on the impossible dream wishlist:

-categories/tags of the blogs to be ABOVE the actual blog entry. so people know what theyre reading. it frames the whole essence of each entry. i feel thats important. like setting a stage for the reader. yes i always have you guys in mind.

-the title of my blog to be legible. (this has actually been hard to find).

-a header picture is a nice option.

-being able to change the background color.

im not asking for the world here guys…im just asking for the basics guys… just the basics.

will i find them????

please say yes to the perfect oddysian blog experience.

*theres an off chance im not understanding the intracacies of how this blog tech works. off, as in way off ;)


odie mama.


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