what dreams did come. (II)

dreams must be written about when you are as close as possible to the dream state; without any background noise and right when you wake up. any type of real world noise distracts the mind from the ever fading memory of the dream. the quicker you write the dream down after waking, the better. once those images have disappeared from your mind theres no way to recall them. and theres no one else to ask “hey you remember what happened last night?”

i had interesting and varied dreams last night/this morning. i cant remember the first 50% of what i envisioned, nor the last 30. ;(

but one particular scene from that sweet spot 20% from around 10am stays with me. this is what i will write about for todays dreamscape study;

i was at a retreat/summer camp/college dorm area. it was mid summer. clear skies (not sure i ever dream about bad weather). ive never been to this specific dream setting in real life. rather  it seemed to be a familiar mixing of places id been to before.

the other people were my age. mid twenties.  a mix of college students. but no one in particular and no one i know.   we were going on a trip to the mall or the movies in middle suburban amerika.  on the ground level of the malls covered parking lot i discovered a baby pig and a calf. both were white, but a little dirty. more specificially they were in a quite lane off to the side of the garage but somewhere in the middle of it. that kind of place non place place can only happen in a dream.

even more interesting, the cow actually switched between its bovine shape and the shape of a baby elephant as the dream progressed. they had been abandoned (lots of abandoned animals in my dreams….hmm) but were dressed in genie type circus gear that was red and white. i noticed them before anyone else in the group and i immediately went over the check out their situation. i felt a deep urge to rescue them.

i was a little fearful of these animals since they seemed afraid of me as i approached. i thought they might bite me. but i was so concerned for their health i took the risk to come very close to them. i put my hand out gently to pet them. they welcomed my touch and were affectionate. then i examined them further to see their physical condition. i lifted the side flaps of the elephants outfit to see how his skin looked underneath. it was white like a calfs would be. and had wirey hair like an elephant/dog.  i checked for any skin breaks, infections. lice and ticks…etc and didnt see any disasterous wounds/boils, etc.. i scanned the pig as well, but not as thoroughly .  i didnt spend a whole lot of time on this stage  of the check. i was just relieved to know they werent emergency cases and a vet would do an in depth health assay later.

then i had an inate sense that the animals were too hot because of the clothing and i magically (as if i had scissors) cut away some of the side layers of the cow/elephants outfit.  the pig was not as covered in material so after second thought i didnt cut anything away for him. i remember thinking that i didnt want him to experience any shock from the new weather exposure. hed been dressed for what looked like weeks as far as i could tell.

these two cute animals were not frail and thin. they were just a little dirty with matted hair. hungry. and tired. they still needed to be rescued. put in a natural place like a farm to run free. removed from those stupid circus outfits. allowed to grow and flourish with lots of food and love. and they should never be seperated…

i wanted to take these two home with me. but could i? (in the dream it was clear i lived in a different place that could have allowed me to adopt them.) i wasnt concerned about them growing up too big on my land. i was just concerned if i could manage their level of care. i was doubtful.

and if i couldnt save them and we called animal control would their lives be any better than they were in this garage? animal control is like a transfer to a different kind of hell.  i worried about them being seperated. caged. sold off to strange petting farms to be tortured by a hundred handed monster of screaming children. always there. every morning…no rest for the weary. non of the peace and serenity that i would give them if i took them in.

suddenly the other people in the group showed.

one of the girls, again nondescript, didnt consult with me about my intelligent fears before calling the rescue services. this part of the dream fades off.

then another scene.

i cant explain it clearly now, but we were back on the campus dorm thingy from before the parking garage animal scene. when i tried to call someone it was forwarded to my friends phone so we coldnt reach them and i was mad at her for doing someting so tech stupid. i just remember yelling..
“why the hell would i want to call you if i need to call ————–?”. why did you forward her phone to you?”

funny. even if the tech specs of the dream dont make sense in the waking world.. in the dream it all was clear. she was an idiot!!

then there were some other parts.

and i awoke way to early…

cest la vie…


a tired

odie mama.



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