what dreams may come (IV)

I don’t think ill be able to remember what I dreamt about this morning. Hell. I know I won’t.  Right when I woke up I had to pull myself together for my day job. My mind got distracted and there the nights/days dream went..down the proverbial rabbit hole in my brain. disappeared forever.

I can confirm the essence of the dream was task mastering and mission completion requiring a series of intelligent and skilled steps. Intense mentally but not terrifying or stressful. All in all an Inception movie type event. Exciting..

Months ago I wrote down a dream for my personal files. At the time I had no platform to share it and it sat as a written ditty blackberry phone note. dust gathered. time passed. But with this weeks dreamscapes theme I was able to pull that amazing dream up from the dark depths of my mind/old school cellphone. I shall share that amazing dream with you now. (And option the rights for a motion picture). Enjoy.

as my name shall not be linked directly to this blog fill in the ______ with my first name. the more formal version.

“And _____ was her name.” Get to a bar to have a drink. A beer. A Man sits on my left. Nice guy. Mid thirties. Wants small talk. i oblige. The place is dark. Large. With cavernously high ceilings. Grand chandaliers emit a warm low light that fill the place with a rich candlelit feeling. despite the size of everything the dream has a close quartered feeling. The bar itself is huge.  It takes up the whole center of the main room.  Its essentially square shaped with a large center portion cut out. Plenty of room at and behind the bar. the large bar itself located in an old library of congress of sorts/ a main room thats roughtly 2500 square feet in space. strangely enough the whole dream is set in the 16-1700s. imagine baron munchausen’s adventures meets time bandits. it had that aged feel of pre-revolutionary times as  in the movies. people in rags. drinking beer at long wooden tables. dust on everything. cobwebs in the corners. Lowlit. dirty. Disheveled. Yet rich with patina and knowledge from books and candles and drapped cloth hanging from the ceilings. a tremendously rich atmosphere.

it’s an elderly woman that tends the bar. She’s somewhere between  40-70?, quite a gap but i cant make a better approximation because theres a strong sense that shes really a younger woman weathered by circumstance and surroundings. Her face is small. She is more plain than pretty. When she’s at rest she sits on an equally plain stool behind the bar. her dress is maid rags.

when she does move she is spry for her age. Quick to talk. Aggressive almost. She asks how I got my name/what it means. _____, I tell her, is really a heros name. As I tell reveal more of the story I pull out a figurine statue magically out of my pocket that proves my tale. the statue never could have fit there where i kept it. it seems as if it materialized in my hands when beckoned.

Its of a 12″ bronze of a woman in greek dress. shes holding a sword and the head of the exact beast I killed, the one that had stolen the maiden away. “When I killed it I earned my name ___________”, i told the barmaid. Both she and the man are impressed. I wanted them to be. I’m proud to reveal my name’s true power and history. Though today people think it means ___ is my oath in ancient times it held a more powerful meaning. A mythological weight. And I am the woman that possesses these forgotten strengths. I am a female hero inside what seems to be an ordinary womans body. A hero with the strength to chase the beast and cut its head off, snarling teeth vicious claws towering 8 ft tall, huge thick fur covered arms and legs. I was the one that came when everyone else fled. ___________.

The ragged bartender wants to see the statue for herself. She asks to hold it. But I’m reluctant. Its a large bar and she’s a stranger and this statue is my most prized possession. it glows slightly with the magic of its power. If I let her hold it there’s no guarantee I would get it back. What if she decided to run away with it? The woman says she too has the hidden power of mythology in her roots. as she does so she slips a small satchel from her person and waves it over her right side. she begins to glow as if sprinkled with gold dust. Now has the look of an angel. The guy and I sit mesmerized by this golden aura.  Our eyes are transfixed. I lose focus of everything else and without me seeing the barmaid turned devill angel takes my statue/figurine. By the time I notice and attempt to grab it back from across the expanse of the bar top there’s a loud call through the building of “thief” or “fire”. whetever it was it proved disasterous. im swept up in Total chaos and a stampede of everyone trying to the outside.

Somehow I’m caught as a culprit (for what crime I’m unsure) and put in jail. the bartender that stole the my statue. i realize she is behind the faisco.

2 yrs later you see me (now 3rd person) on trial for my life. (the dream up until the piont had been first person) Prison conditions are those of a 1700s debtors gaol and I’m held head and hands in a stockade. i can see from this directors view that my once nice clothes are now shredded filthy rags and my beautiful brown hair is now long, matted and greyish. its covered in crap and even has dreads. I’ve aged too in that short timespan. no way of knowing how much. my mock trial ensues.

just at this moment as if timed precisely by the gods, the nice quiet man that had been sitting next to me by the bar comes to rescue me. he has been watching and waiting all of these years. waiting for the perfect time to save me.

the closing message of this incredible dream:

Don’t let my legacy die. The true meaning of my name must not be forgotten, like it has for the others. we are Heros hidden inside human bodies. The devils henchmen have come to claim our representations of power so that only mortal men remain to walk the earth. heros that have held on to their powers live as long as the bible says they did. 999 years. And _____ is one of the last remaining heros. she must get the statue back before its too late and her power is gone. will the man be able help me? what other people and adventures we will encounter on this rescue mission. and can i trust anyone knowing whats at stake?

the end…

Wouldn’t this be a great movie? I’m working on the plotline now.


odie mama.



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