As we float around on a planet where people steal cheat lie and murder each other for fun and breakfast I wonder how the hell did I got trapped in this monkey show?

Shouldn’t  I be on alpha centuree 7.3 forward engineering ultra thin  bendable space metals/traveling through space and time like knife cuts through air?  Why am I not Exploring the galaxy inside a saucer looking disc ship? pushing the boundaries of the 13 dimensions at speeds exceeding the speed of light. and what’s so wrong wanting to know what’s  on the other side of that rock we’ve dubbed the moon?

in the monkey show you forget about the bigger picture. our myopic viewpoint makes it impossible to do the following;  Understand the true physics of the cosmos, know the real meaning of life and its more mysterious counterpart death.  i call this limited human perspective.  limited vantage.

Thus the word disadvantage was born to the universe from the toils of men and mice. We’re all on the short bus together. Living it out on planet earth. Locked away from true knowledge. Kept in a box called a body that gets tired and hungry and bored.

How the hell did my soul pick this crazy planet to warp to? Yes, there is a whole lotta cool shit going on here. I got it. I didn’t forget. But will I be stuck here forever thru my souls many incarnations? Excluding the possibility ill go to hell. knock on wood. Sadly these questions won’t be answered. Ever. I’m here to eke it out. And I will. And you guys have to deal with me and each other as we do.

Life aint all bad. (please see tomorrows blog for details). I guess its good we are such simple creatures. we are easy to please.  Our greatest thrills read like a what to do list for the deficient animal; Food. Drink. drugs. Possesions, esp Shiny overvalued rocks. Sex. other bonding rituals. Power +dominance. Organized Religion.  Games. Music. Beauty. Art. The last 3 aren’t bad. A strange variation of activities involving our higher faculties. In some forums. (excluding superbowls).

Other acts people enjoy?: killing maiming rape and torture. Why? Why not?*

And so as we float around with minimal understanding of our purpose and who the hell we are. With distractions + diversions +priorities and perversities.

I want off this rock. Too bad it’ll be in a pine box. Maybe ill upgrade to cherry.

*We have to remember that humans took christ, the closest living embodiment to god in this physical realm, and hung him on a stick to die.  Devil be damned or not. Physical hands were at work for this madness. im pissed about this. I can be upset about it like I am for the other good people we murdered, buried,  and made long forgotten.

pps. please read tomorrows blog , called apsect advantage. which is the converse of this perspective..


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