what dreams did come ( VI)

Had a wide array of varying dreams last night, and this morning. Despite the rollercoaster style of their presentation All of the segments were boring. Ill share them anyhow.

1) I was playing a pickup baseball game with group of college age kids. It was one of those random neighborhood games where no one cares what the score is. And I cared even less to play. I was more standing off to the side and back. It was mixed media coed teams. And true to life the taller and stronger guys dominated the game. The ladies who doubted their skills stepped aside so the guys could get it done. (I’m always this age in my dream. I guess I see myself as late 20s still. What the hell doesn’t that mean.)

2) I was at a target the size of a walmart and was shopping with my mom for something. It was a gift for someone.  Not sure we found that exact item but we ended up in our favorite place, the clothing aisles. I saw a knit full length red sweater with a nice embroidery pattern like a long square on the front. I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted it. Then we had to leave the store.

3) a friend of mine who’s 40 plus was in shorts and skateboarding down the suburban sidewalk on a longboard. I was surprised to see him rolling on wheels with balance. Everyone wanted to laugh at him cuz he’s older and white collar but he had such a confidence about being on a board that people eventually ended their smirks.

4-12) There was also an animal segment. And other segments that I can’t recall. Well that’s it for last nights dreams. See, I told you they were boring.  Totally uninteresting.  And I felt as if they just kept looping around in my mind all night. It wasn’t a restful sleep. Hopefully ill have a better segement to share tomorrow.


Odie mama



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