hello. and goodbye.

wow. i really wish i had someone editing these posts. i find that i have to keep going back and fixing them long after the first time i publish them…it would be nice to be able to write them in final draft quality the first time.. on with the show.

hello everybody..

i dont feel like writing much today. yes its the tail end of dream week, but waht little i do have to say i dont want to be about my dreams. i did have an incredible dream 2 nights ago but ill save it for tomorrows blog.

tonite odie mama shall analyze a tradegy. no, im not writing about myself again… :)

in the wake of whitneys untimely death i was surprised to see she was so genuinely liked by the whole world. not that i didnt like her too. i did. and so did my parents. and my friends. is it so surprising that she was still americas sweetheart despite her chronic drug use, her lack of music production,  and her on screen and off fiascos being heavily publicized? we still hoped year after year, despite any evidence of progress, that  shed make a comeback. we know now that this will never happen. she was more sick than we knew. and  she died tragically, OD style, like winehouse and mjackson (hereafter referred to as jacko).

BUT people were far more touched by WH’s passing than by the other two. at least this is the impression im getting. and im part of this trend.

why was she better liked despite having similar problems and a similar fate?

i would guess its because we saw WH as a singular talent. a genuinely nice person. not a crackhead. or a bad mom. though she easily was both. she struck us as  a victim of circumstance. not wholly responsible for her demise. (how did she achieve this if we know that physics requires cracksmokers to lift and light their own pipes? maybe she wasnt a big crack fan anyway. crack was wack she said. coke was for the cool rich chicks…alas)

bad boy bobby brown will forever be given be part of the blame for her drug use, career spiral, razzled voice,  and early death.  he opened her gateway to hell. most likely took her to her first “upscale” crack party. hell he probably helped light her first pipe.  yes it was up to WH to close it the door. get clean. leave that hell behind. she never could.its especially hard for celebrities to reach a rock bottom. point, the foundation of sobriety.  there are always enablers. always $$. always credit to buy the bad shit when the money runs out…

I wonder why such a put together person ended up with that hoodrat bob brown  in the first place. my only conculsion is that she didnt have to be the multiple  award winning, polished act that was whitney houston when she was around him. she could be ghetto, loud, crass, rude, drop her drawers, talk  doddie bubbles, and yell kiss my ass. she was one half of the disfunction that was  whiiiiitneeeey and bobbbeeeeee. she could get high and smoke away the pain and anxiety of popularity combined with crippling self worth issues when she was at the crib with him.

i believe bobby did love her, as much as a drug addict can love someone and still be an addict.  i wonder what her career would have been like had she never met him. the eternal question…

now im a realist about drug use. we cant blame bobby for everything, even if our minds instinctively would like us to, as mine does. i repeat, it was up to whitney to get on the wagon and stay there. she made attempts. even after several tries she couldnt hang on. the pills did her in.

one reason behind this might be that perscription drug abuse is far more pernicious than other substances. easier to get. more addictive all around. higher relapse rates. …sounds hard to believe but id rather be a street buying coke head than a Rx pillpopper. (everythings relative).  those script drugs are just so damned hard to kick.

problem 500 for WH> its far easier to o.d. on the pill shit*** than the street stuff. so ive hear. this combined with the extent and duration of her drug use left the door wide open for the grim reaper. lets do the math. if she met bobby in 89. she prob smoked crack by 92. (thats a generous time frame).. 2012-1992+ a few years of sobriety=15 years of substance abuse. the body can only handle so much..

***maybe big pharma will notice too many customers are dying after 5-10 years of abuse and change up the pills somehow. wouldnt they much rather get money from their addicts for 15-20 yeaars instead. yes they would. perscription overdose is now the second leading cause of accidental death after car accidents..oops. theres big money to be had by pharma if they recook their batches. dont they know? im not going to ask the question “dont they care?”.. for obvious reasons.

we knew whitney liked to partake in the bad shit, but didnt she seem the wholesome drug addict? the drugaddict you would take in off the street and give her a bed and a sandwich and drive to a rehab clinic the next morning…unlike winebag and jacko.

she had her own roster of extreme behavior that went along with the addictions, included looking haggard, canceling shows, voice declination, and a reality show that protrayed her and bobby as crazy addicts. somehow she was still on a higher pedestal than the other 2:


i offer the following: no extreme plastic surgery. no removable nose. no blood spilled from needles onto ballet slippers for photogs to snap and sell to tabloids (well not til the very end…just saw some crazy gossip headline that said whitwhit had some shit running down her leg post party 3 days ago.). no wearing face masks or the same dirty shorts in 35 degree weather.  even the pictures of WH as a wasted thin looking street urchin were appropriately buried by her p.r. team and time. no claiming weird white kids that clearly werent related as biological offshoots like jacko.  no “blanket” names, though i think naming a girl bobby in honor of her ghetto father isnt the greatest idea.

and her music had far more nice girl/mass appeal.  her primary hits were love ballads. how could she not be admired more than the other two. it wasnt drunken wanna be shoobop completely synthezied by a computer like mark ronson>it wasnt white music trying to disquise itself as black.. or in jackos case black music disquising itself as white or was it the other way around? (am i gonna take blowback for penning that?). whitney was black r and b and stayed there.

it wasnt gutteral yelling. screaming. crotchgrabbing. woe is me tunes.  to her credit she never performed in strip club burlesque type outfits or overwrought futuristic alien fare from balmain.

she was a grand performer. she sang the real shit. deep heartfelt tunes. her voice had range and clarity and tembre. and power.

WH was amazing.  and shell be missed.

alright then.

nite nite… its grammy time


odie mama. (i almost wrote my real name!!!)



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