knee deep in scene

i sometimes wonder about the conditions under which great books were written. maybe the ultimate passage was conceived while the author was in the bathroom in the tub. or on the porcelain throne. a great place for thought and privacy. maybe our favorite book was written in a purple haze or drunken stupor. or with any of number of other vices in the bedroom. by the typewriter. low light. highlight. candlelight. sunlight hazy overcast and rainy days. chill in the room. blazing desert sun. sweat on the brow. we’ll never know the exact moments of conception. just as people we will never know our exact moment of life. consciousness. incept date…though if our parents are forthcoming we can get a general idea.

as for things that can be revealed…

i was made in denmark. the paterland. by a fireplace. sounds romantic doesnt it…quite a lucky tale of provenance. no nuance needed.

and i can also reveal that much of my play was written under the influence of china woks chinese food. beef and brocolli. wings. wonton soup. fried dumplings. the sauce with those is unbeatable. i wonder what these origins will render to the dialogue.

other revelations;

the play was written with the love of my cat readily at hand. he usually an arm lengths away. it began as in idea in chicago and fermented for a few years before i began it about a year and a half ago with full force. since its birth ive had one reading. and many mini readings. i hope to have a reading for the first scene with 3 people next month. wish us luck.

as for its conception;  i can reveal i struggled through the creative parts  with a great deal or distractions. and priorities. and nervousness. and frustrating moments. the muses havent always been so forthcoming in their gifts..

im finally almost done with the first scene. almost. hopefully to be finished tomorrow.. ive rewritten some passages as much as 30 times it seems…

i have a feeling even in its next form it will morph again. eventually i will let it be born to paper as it is. and hope it is received as it was intended to be delivered.

busy wrting so gotta go..


odie mama.



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