scene 1 done. (kind of and not forever)

hey im back..

just finished scene 1. i can say its done. and no itsnot perfect. but dammit i did it. with my friends help. she played 3 parts i played one.

and we finished a very nice french red wine. after play reading ended. and then we started on a shiraz.

interetesting becasue this reminds me…about a play im reading by a great playwright who must be a functioning drunk in his own right..because he has these writers in his scenes that keep talking about how much writers drink.

and they do.

and no i dont drink a lot. soemtimes i wish i drank more. or had the pathos to drink more. those people are so commited to their misery that they become great writers. not all people that drink are talented. but do most truly talented people drink. or have some vice.

thats a good question.

my friend would like to add. “nothing” im like speechless.

but she thinks the play is going “very well and she lieks it. and its getting better and better”

weve gotta cut down the first scene. killing babies..

im so inside my head on this that i cant tell if im writing a total assload of shit or something passable. greatness i fear is impossible at this point.

but for a first play its pretty good.

now on to the rest of the scenes.

the nun convo, the date from hell, the sisters visit, the final game, intermission, the brothers visit, the dream sequence (totally optoinal but better to write it than fight it), the revelation….and absolution.

the end…


presto. thats its. gonna run and get my buzz. tgif and all that shit.


odie mama…



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