skeleton notes. and an idea revealed.

i was going to write a post on singing being as rare as rare genetic defect. 1 in 1000 people reportedly can hit the notes. and then i was going to discuss how this rare genetic gift of singing is more easily measurable in ability and skill than any of the other artistic talents , say painting, writing. the latter 2 being more about style of course and harder to equate.

then i was going to juxtapose the power being one of the historys finest possessors of this gift with the depth of its burden and speak about whitwhits tragic passing. but…now that ive covered that in a skeleton crew manner i think i can move on to cheerier topics.

i was thiking it would make a phenomenal book/movie  to write about an ordinary person that had zero impact  anyone directly knew about but indirectly impacted everyone. this idea isnt worth stealing. so dont even think about it. :) at his funeral all that can be said is hes a father brother son and uncle. he has no legacy or inheritance to pass on. he’ll not be recalled as more than a census tally of norms. just another person that came and went. ashes to ashes. dust to muck.

but as the story recaps certain small things he did, we discover he had tremendous impact on world events. maybe he was a janitor that picked up a nail that would have gotten lodged in the tire that caused the flat that cuases the accident that killed the mother who would have had the child that inspired a teacher to paint the skyline that hung on the wall over a safe that hid the documents containing the codes to deactivate  the end of the worlds nuclear arsenal…its an unusable example but u get the gist.

no it wouldnt suck. or cliched. because  it wouldnt just be like a reverse “final destination” or the butterfly effect. it would be a touching movie showing a series of vignettes that proved someone even more unlikely than jeremy lin can throw beautiful wrenches into the system. like amelie.

alright im signing off . hope u enjoyed the short length or this blog*.


odie mama.

*p.s. i must add that after a few weeks of writing dialogue and sticking to task on play ive found thay my writing has improved. (this does not include spelling or grammar).  i never considered that better writing would be a side effect of making a concerted effort in literary land. im very very pleased about it. i expected that to happen with my art but not the writing because i thought my writing was at a pretty good level before i recommited to the play. yes, i could still use more confidence in the arena despite this last revelation..

someone else noted that my everyday speaking conversation has also jazzed up quite a bit. and im loving that too. i still swear like a guy that his his thumb with a hammer.

i promise to keep up the good work….



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