joiner scenes…

im working on the joiner scenes for the play.*  right now im thinking about having one  in the first act and one in the second but im only confirming the joiner for the first act at this point. thats what i was working on today.  the mom talks with one of the nurses as interim scenes. their discussions sum up the nature of her stay. background on the family. and reveal some initial beliefs the family has. the play so far has a pretty uniform set up.the first version of the play only had 6 key scenes. with gaps in between i think after much review the joiner scenes bring everthing together.

im also working on balancing affable humor, acid tongue dialogue, witty revelations, with straight talk, emotional notes and plot motivated speech. and we cant forget about the moving monologues. i dont want people to feel like theyre getting  a full serving of ham in the course of the 120 pages…

who would have thought one of the hardest parts of a scene to write is the first line?…are they in the room or does on join. or do they both come the same time? variety is essential. and so is the unexpected.

a friend of mine reminded me that as long as an audience cares about your characters it will follow you anywhere. through plot holes. dumb decisions (people fuck up sometimes). strange story twists. my play might have all of that. not all moments are going to be blockbuster polished gripping top quality. but thats waht im shooting for.

its important to remember that character is the key to theatre. and it cant all mystery. some stuff needs to be spelled out. the joiner scenes will bring that out. bring some history that the mom and son might not talk about  in their scenes because they already known each other.

jsut how well they do turns out to be part of the mystery of the play.

* yes i understand if im writing about the play im not actually writing the play. but this shit helps me sort it all out. clear cobwebs. blast holes in the road blocks… and give myself a boost.

alrighty then. im gonna get running.

ill have a more interesting post for you tomorrow.


odie mama.



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