brain farts 101

do you ever have a random word or phrase flash in your thoughts so suddenly you feel like its being beamed directly to your brain noodle via sattelite. could be true. no one wants to consider that because its quite subversive, isnt it? like manchurian candidate 1984 type evil… a more benign reason could be that your word flash is a just thought bubble erupting to the surface.  like just freed swamp gas thats been trapped under the muck of daily thoughts coating our brains. somehow those top layers of the muck get disturbed and voila. brain fart central.  its your thought and its coming right back to you.  theres no paper trail to confirm this, but  somewhere between SAT studies, 8th grade gym, and doing your taxes your word flash got lost.  then, after an episode of  desperate housewives, almost getting hit by a taxi and the republican debates aggrevated your minds underpinnings.,the word flash blasted to the surfaces again. how benevolent. how universal. how common…

i get brain farts too you know. (like this whole blog im writing) ..and im not ashamed to admit it. everybody gets them. dont they?.. well now that its out in the open…

my latest word flash was “elmer gantry.” and its not the first time this random meaningless set of words..some dudes name has interrupted my day. the name keeps resurfacing. popping into my brain over and over.. ive tried to rebury it right next to my college education. theres plenty of room there for that brain fart to go. a large emptry pit. prime real estate $$$$ for all things forgotten. but no. elmer gantry will not die…

elmer gantry. strange. weird. random? yes yes and yes.  just say it out loud. elmer. gantry. elmer gantry.

who the hell is that? and why the hell am i thinking about him.

thank god for wiki…heres the answer to the first part.

and for those who dont want to jump to the link: this comes straight from the horses ass..essment.


The novel tells the story of a young, narcissistic, womanizing college athlete who abandons his early ambition to become a lawyer. The legal profession does not suit the unethical Gantry, who then becomes a notorious and cynical alcoholic. Gantry is mistakenly ordained as a Baptist minister, briefly acts as a “New Thought” evangelist, and eventually becomes a Methodist minister. He acts as manager for Sharon Falconer, an itinerant evangelist. Gantry becomes her lover but loses both her and his position when she is killed in a fire at her new tabernacle.

During his career, Gantry contributes to the downfall, physical injury, and even death of key people around him, including a genuine minister, Frank Shallard. Ultimately Gantry marries well and obtains a large congregation in Lewis’s fictional Midwestern city of Zenith….”


i have no intention of reading it and finding out what its all about. sounds like alot of nunaced writing laced with hints and allegory. no thanks sinclair. im more  scifi explosions action (hold the sex)  right now.*

*you guys would be proud of me. ( i am.) that im reading at all. and that im reading plays.. to get to the core of what my play should and shouldnt be. i used to just read the news. mostly.

as for the second did elmer gantry escape from the deep recesses of my brain sponge (thats a real medical term) to the tip of my brain sponge…aka. conscious thought. and inevitably on to blogville… i have no fucking idea…

no one recommended it. its not a news worthy item. theres no new movie coming out. no play that soemones pushing. no advertising. somehow it slipped into my mind so quietly. in such a sinister way i have no idea how it got there.. and it wont leave. is this gods way of telling me i should read the damned book despite its paint drying on a wall plotline? its prob a great novel btw…

what about the author? lewis sinclair.* maybe  he was the original trigger..he was, it says, accomplished. devoted to the cause. and an alchoholic.. as you can see we have nothing in common.  if you want to check him out.

well there it is folks. research done. idea birthed and blogged. will that rid elmer gantry from my solace seeking mind once and for all? we can only hope.


odie mama and odie. odie just got a bath and hes happy!!!

comments welcome  ; )


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