Tech snafu #631…

Alright then. Back on the wagon and rolling slowly through Hangover City. What a hell of a day. But a few sessions of the dry heave will do that to a girl.
My mind is preoccupied with my tech issue that derailed yesterdays blog and its threatening to derail the play. The adapter to my Dell PC (PC stand s for piece of shit) overloaded and fried itself out. The battery on the Dell is patheticly weak to begin with. no surprise there, and so I have to go get another adapter because the computer is already out of juice. Should be an easy solve. But as I was looking online researching the issue/solution I start reading about the possibility that its not the adapter but the motherfuckin mother board. Only on a two year old Dell could have such a serious problem.
Its essential for me to be able to write from a keyboard for the blog and the play. I can’t do that from this Samsung touch screen nor from the iPad. That tactile wonderful ness of the physical keys is essential for my craft. I could buy a bluetooth keyboard To go with the cell phone as a temp fix. But I def need that Dell working again.
I just heard a story about a writer who insists on typing everything on a1930 ? Wood. I can’t even remember the name of the damn typewriter brand. And I have one. My brain is dry.. And I completely relate to this typewriter guy. We all have a unique method of achieving our projects.
The transition  to touch pad has beena difficult one for me. after all I was handwriting my manuscripts for years and just turned to computer use the years ago. Reluctantly. I’m one of the last dragging my heels at the motion sensor remote controls which I hate. Give me real buttons anytime over the new fangled crap.
This its the main reason my 1000 page novel is still in a box. Since I garrote it and my handwriting blows its essentially written in code.
All this talk about the tech issue and the unfinished book reminds me of how much harder its going to be to finish the play. So now
I’m depressed. Alas. I’m going to eat and go to bed.
Goodnight all.
Till we read again tomorrow.
A weak but not defeated
Odie mama.



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