Memories of green.

I keep having flash backs.a series of tracers from the 80s. The strongest memories bring me back to my childhood neighborhood, to the alley that I used to ride my bike down.
In full memory mode i’m riding down it again. noticing its details.tall grass by the waysides. Drainage crack down the middle.light colored cement. Sewer covers. The park at the end other block I used to play at with my brother and neighbor friends.
The alley was like my childhood highway. We could access everyones homes from their back yards that linked right into it. I remember how everyones houses rear enders looked. All of them secret gardens paths to another realm.
In another memory i’m back in a childhood friends house. I can’t remember her name though. in my search for it I did recall a girl from first grade that I was best friends with. Never heard from her again after third grade. I think she moved away. This is the first time I’ve thought of our lost friendship or these neighborhood events in 20 years.
It must be because i’m getting older. These deep seated memories are strong. emotionally forceful.  sensorally exciting. Filled with Vivid colors. I can still smell the neighborhood air. the balmy weather. I know exactly how I felt in that moment. a mix of wonderful and mystery about of all surroundings mixed together and thrown at you all at the same time.
In this friends house, the one who I can’t remember, I can see the 70s orange painted walls. The lazy boy recliners that my parents wouldn’t have dared have in our own house. but the strongest emotional element is the image of her father on an antiquated dialysis machine. Hooked into tubes. Barely alive.and at the precipice of death. The sycled man himself lurking behind the curtains. If I recall correctly  he died a few years after that image was forged.
It was A horrible slow wrenching death. I remember the fear I had of his illness and resulting paralysis. The pumps and the hoses. The wheezing they made as they fought to keep a dead man alive. The curtains are drawn and the TVs on. all he could do was watch all day and parent from his  chair. I still feel sorry for him. Alas he’s in a better place.
Also in the neighborhood there were a series of mystery houses. Dark large foreboding. what the Greek was inside? Did people really live in those dark denizens. Or ghosts. Overgrown lawns.peeling facades. Crumbling roofs. Our Childrens imaginations inspired nightmares.
And at the edge of our allowable territory, two and a half blocks down, lived a friend of mine and my brothers. I remember her front porch. Her bike.her haircut. Her messy home that we never went inside. Its incredible that I can recall all of this. I’ve gelt like my brain wasa dead stump for the pat few Weeks. Glad to see its still rewiring/rerouting itself.
A mile away from all this, at another friends house, There was also a fence b ordering a construction site. Where wild weeds grew. And another fence along a roadway I walked that was had the must beautiful towering sunflowers. taller than I was then.with huge bloodstone yellow blossoms. brown centers. I see all the details. I can even see the individual hairs on the stem. Incredible power in their existence.
I’m liking doing the blog from this Samsung. Its autocorrect really adds some interesting words. And i’m choosing to leave them in. we writers need all the help we can get.
One last flashback memory.
I’m entering one of those grand courtyard interiors of a a Doubletree. With the waterfall in the center and all the green stuff growing on fake rocks. and as I look up I see the skylight 30 stories above and the sun pouring through. And the air had so much movement to it.and i’m exited to be on a family vacation.there’s a wonder state of not knowing where anything  is yet. The pool.the room.the vending machine. The delivery pizza.  Let me at em.
As children we had so much more accoutrement in our minds about such things. That long word was originally excitement. other autocorrect options were excrement.experiment.and excellent.
they’re all great options. Thanks Samsung.
Topflight.goodnight. And cufflink.
Odie mama.



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