The genius of spreadable bacon.

I had the most incredible was my brothers bday. In a new area i’ve never been.must have been San Fran . WE Were hanging out and getting along great and traveling through these different areas of a marketplace. Like Chelsea piers. Ten foot ceilings, maze work/firetrap feeling. But pleasantly so. Not claustrophobic. One room (we went to twice) is best described as The room with 10000000 tiny slips of paper. With writing on them. Like print out blurbs cut into small slips and left on the floor. In neat stacks. Floor to ceiling. 1984 style. no papercuts.
You went into the store and picked one. Turns out it was free to do so I grabbed in and took several. A big armful/handful.the guys on charge didn’t mind. “Can you imagine the respiratory illnesses from all these tiny pieces of loose paper flying around in.the air?”I asked my Brosan as we walked out.
This is the coolest dream segment i’ve had in years. Yet all I distinctively recall is One slip had the number 18 on it. Others were just short phrases. Wish I could remember better. Damn that room was so cool.
Mr bros wife was there too. But only as a thought. I never physically saw her in this dream scape. Our friends/his friends call us and tell us its dinner party time. We head over to the next scene:
My bro and I have made it to his bday party spot.its an
Italian restaurant . we raid the stand alone fridge in a room adjoining the main one for butter for our bread. How the hell did we get bread?? I have no idea. But I was eating it like a rabid pigeon I was so damn hungry.
I can see a digital clock displaying 645pm and though I usually eat later, in this dream I knew it was to late to be having dinner.”_________and I always eat dinner right at 5..” My brother said.
Dreamlike we were back in the main room of the restaurant. decent crowd. About 35 people. All my brother s friends. There’s a long wooden bar running the length of right side of the wall. Tall ceilings. The place had a nice vintage rustic feel.
Prince and the revolution came on over the sound system. Purple rain to be precise. Everyones pumped and Everyone started singing along. I mean all out. Guys, girls, young, old.  We bitchslapped Glee a new one with our unison, pitch, timing, and coolness. The audio Must have been via juke box or CD player because the older Italian asshole bartender owner tried to skip to another album. The sound system fights him and spurts out pieces of purple rain album.instead. so we all started singing in unison to these exact snippets.  Perfectly timed. An amazing bonding experience. I’ll never know why that moron didn’t want to play the album. That’s what everyone else wanted.
There was a previous section I just now remember. sandwiched somewhere between the word room and the restaurant. I was with my father and we were discussing illness. and I was going to ask him at what age do you begin to wake up and thank God that you did. 62? I looked at him to gauge what his response might be.
but he didn’t really look like him self. more like an old and young version mixed together. He was thinner than he is in real life. But not because he was sick. Nor did I sense any other issue behind this. all the same I didn’t ask him about at which age do we start to expect death as an option out of respect and superstition.
And so I just gave him a really long hug. He was surprised. We weren’t the must affectionate family growing up. We are all better about it now. A nice bonding moment for us since he lives 800 miles away in the reality zone.
So i’m in the Italian bar/restaurant and sit Ting across from my old best friend. She’s quieter now, 10 years and two kids later. I notice she’s Drinking red wine. I set down my glass next to hers. mines white wine so there’s no chance we’ll mix them up. Which eases my technophobic mind.
Then my roommate guy who my dream mind made up just for this occasion came in. of course he turned out to be my old best friends roommate. I don’t think I’d have a make roommate in real Life.
Yes I know this only makes sense in Dreamscapes….
so according to the dream, my olds best friend was living with two guys and praised them for not bringing chicks home to bang. The one roommate that was there said a clever phrase I can’t remember about how he maintained this rule. Something like if youre alone come on home. wasn’t some poon, get a room. End scene.
And then I started thinking about spreadable  bacon. For the play. Not because poon should reminds anyone of bacon. thank you very much. And I assure you that’s not how my mind got that novel ty food concept.
Spreadable bacon.+ The play?!!!! It would be perfect  idea for the mom to discuss at the beginning of scene 3. She would talk about how its a tasty paste in a tube.and comes out like colgate, stripes and everything….
alrighty then.I can carry on with my day since blog its done and I like it.
A much happier Odie mama.


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