I need the good sleep

I was so tired when I woke up for the first five min.after I killed the alarm (With the combined arm strength of 3 large gnats) I felt like I was inside one of those sound modulation chambers. My ears and my brain noodles were a great distance from each other. And both were insulated by a good deal of packing foam. an interesting perceptional (add that to the dictionary) sensation, like trying you have a conversation while wearing noise canceling headphones. was this the first stage of vertigo or brain damage?
I’ve got to stop going to bed so damn late. Riding the third rail of time zones.. Crashing when the sun is rising.
I’ll always go to bed late. That’s not going to change. 2 am is fine. 530 am, not so much…
I don’t seek a bedtime change for any productivity increase , nor to achieve some inner peace the masses feel late sleepers and wakers lack, (for i’ve learned we lack none). I want it so I can get in a full 8.5 hours of horizontal symbiosis me time. Regen time. Off grid time. The goal: wake up feeling fresh. Like babies and Daisies.
We all need a decent amount of sleep hours. Even Martha Stewart the bionic man woman, who claimed like many other successful inside trading moguls to be a 3 hour a nite sleeper, needs it. Life experience, simple reality, Occams razor, and an exclusive interview with the helpers and maids proved outhouse…(haa. That was supposed to say otherwise! Even my phone wants in on the humor action)
So yeah. I know this. We know this. My cat odie really knows this. He gets in a good 15 hrs. on a week day.
I even know Exactly how many hours I need to feel awesome in the a.m. …… 8.5.
But most nights I find so many distractions of some kind to whittle that down to 6 hours. Or a dangerously low 5.5. Then subtract an hours time for requisite bathroom breaks mid sleep, Odie wanting hugs and the blind s raised at 7am (ever friggin morning), and ______ getting up before me to make noise and Damn. I’m down to only 4 soul collapsing hours. I feel crazed when I wake tired agitated ruthless.
Maybe i’m more like Martha Stewart than I knew….
I want to feel great when I get up.not tired in any way. Any. way. Really! And that’s hard to achieve and still eat shower and shit.
See the main hurdle is that i’ve always had trouble sleeping so I stay up late late late.. Squeeze every last ounce of energy from my brain and cells til im On the verge of comatose collapse. Then I can go to bed. Without pills. And no i’m not getting up earlier. Thanks for the advice mom.
So I’ll continue to get My best sleep is in the morning. Right round 9 am. And my best dreams, which I’ll happily share in this blog. So when everyone else is busy doing “normal” people things. like going to work things. Like leaving their apartments things. Like leaving me alone to let me enjoy my sleep by myself things. I’ll be right there on my mattress, too many blankets snuggling high up a round my neck bones like a d. Keaton/ s. Jobs turtleneck, in fetal sleeper position one. getting it done.
Ahhh. Now That’s pure relaxation.
Odie mama



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