charging for gods gifts?

alrighty then.  i can offially  let out a big sigh of relief to the world and say i got a new adapter. and it works. and it will continue to work…all my typing fingers are crossed. and now i can return to waht mama does best. writing the play. and agonizing over its inception. i can also blog a lot easier. everyonen can say what they like about cellphones and how advanced they are but i need a real computer so i can finllay write again on a screen bigger than an index card. see waht im doing. write quicker. ill  always write blogs littered with typos but  ill write them without going bald.

then i finally came home at 11pm after a busy day of doing a whole lot of nothing. as a result im posting pretty late. yet

to day is another topicless blog day. no crazy dreams to write about. nothing insanely interesting to divulge. but i am glad that i got some errands done. and i picked up a novel by Syvia Brown, the renowned physchic* that used to frequent the montel williams show.

(why are the pshyce words always so damn hard to spell?? i can never get them right.)

do you guys remember sylvia brown?. shes pretty laid back for a woman that can communicate with the dead. when i saw her on tv she took the dead in stride. using her gift shes helped sovled murders, crimes,  answer questions that loved ones have about their lives and futures, as well as if the dead themselves are ok. actually one of the most common questions has been “how is my dead relative so and so doing? . Slyvia always says.. the dead are doing just fine. dont you worry about them. its us living folks down here that have the issues. so i like her for being a medium that helps us settle our gripes and worries. and lets us troubled settle some scores on earth. and thats why i picked up the book. to get a better insight to how her power works and how she wields it.

the Slyvia brown book i picked up was written in 2006 with the aid of another author of course. im fine with the whole “out in the open “ghost writer thing. wish i had a cowriter  for me as well to help me through the shitty times in playville. working with another always makes the task lighter and easier, ive found. the book covers waht it means to be psychic and how it was addressed thoruhgout history. and how slyvia came to know about her gift. hows shes handles it and she goes into depth about certain readings she has done. all of this should be terribly exciting.

when i told a friend of mine that I got a slyvia b. book she said “you know how much money that woman makes”.  using her gift…she charges liek thousands to do a consultation.

well good for her. imagine the money she does make…

i wish i was psychic and could charge for readings. even if i had to surpress ghosts activities/conversations for the remainder of the day. keep them at bay. tell the spirits “im not on the clock” and make sure they left me the hell alone until it was the proper time,  like that crazy woman witht he red hair at camille grammers beverly hills houswife oarty

i havetn read the book so i cant be sure, but from what i understand slyvias power is like Whoopies in ghost. the spirits come. knock on your mental door and ask for a gateway to be heard by the living..some of them are nice. some of them are real dickwads. its not all roses and fan mail. there is def scary stuff she has to fend off. ill find out more when i read the book.

i believe that she is a true medium. and i believe that she has done good things for people as a medium. not everyone is gong to agree. thats fine…

and so i diverge back to the question of the day. should a psychic be able charge for her work and if so how much?

yes.. she should charge for her readings. we all can make al iving. but at what point is she overcharging people??

its a good question to ask.  and i have no idea.

ill think about it. and perhaps the book will provide me with better perspective and answers.


odie mama



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