short and sweet

im back on board and still babyless. and enjoying my time working on the play again. scene 2 is coming along just nicely. there are a few gems of interaction between the mom and nunez that i hope are enough to carry any additional dead weight of any offbeat dialogue, nonsequitors..and general first time playwrighter issues. this brings me some comfort.

i proceed on the writers ocean with full sails. i keep them open for the winds of the muses..they propel me torwards my final destination: publication island.  my own form of paradise?  i have no idea where it is. or waht it looks like. i will only know when i get there. every published writer has taken this journey before me. will it pain me to arrive? or will getting there prove to be my ultimate salvation. what challenges shall i encounter in this promised land? i look forward to it: challenge accepted.

a few days ago i had a thought to get some canvases and return to painting. That’s what i was doing when i wasnt doing the play. steering the ships wheel in another direction. i resisted… I can’t allow any distractions now…not at this point where im unable to do more than one creative thing. Its hard enough to commit to the writing part of this..let me tell you. in the last two years ive turned down a series of offers and leads for other projects..maybe that was all for the singular goal of become a playwright. not a novelist. A playwright and not a painter…a playwright first and foremost.

its been four months since i returned to writing the play. and in the meanwhile ive been ably doing this daily blog. all in all not a poor turnout for a schlepp like me.

ive thoughts about becoming a writer since i was 7. why god has it taken me so long…and still taking so long?

but in the last two years thankfullly all ideas have melded into one. the focus has become strong enough to get me to this point. ive beccome bold enough to share my thoughts with an audience through a blog. just 3 years ago i wouldnt have been able to do that. the blog  serves as the cobweb clearing memoir that every author needs to write. not a traditional memoir, but a memoir all the same.  a collection of ideas,, thoughts, inspirations, true stories, feelings, private revelations, and perspective…

im glad youre reading it…

thank you,


odie mama.




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