tabula rasa (damn)

big blank white computer screen page meet big blank mind space.

and voila! these are the results.

today: pressure to finish play at 50%. im still gonna do it. dont worry. i already worked today for a couple hours on it. and im proud to announce that im doing much better than last week. mentally. emotionally.

as for the pressure to complete a coherent blog post longer than 100 words thats still somehwat interesting for others to read? its down to 10%. but here i am. getting to the daily duty of writing. and realizing after the work has been put in ill be better off for it. its a healthy exercise. and good for balance. and for maintaining some sort of competent writing style.

you , dear reader, might sadly suffer a little. naturally some posts that we do in our wordpress community will be better than others. as long as we turn out a good entry every couple of days we’re still honoring our commitement to good writing, humor, new ideas, inspiration, and intrigue for our audience.

i hope.

as for the play since it is on my mind, but im letting this idea marinate before returning to the punishing efffort of writing effective witty dialogue…

ive decided to make the mom a ufo researcher. not a full time one. shes retired and doing this project as a golden years hobby. but shes good man. shes real good. shes uncovered every major conspiracy theory since roman times. and she doesnt take anybodys shit about it.

also…i gave her this job because its totally left field, unique, self starting, requires outside the box thinking, and cant be shared readilly with everyone. especially the religious. i think ill have the son hint “i hope you havent told them what you do” in the first scene and then have them touch on it more in scene 3. genius!!!!

one thing i never expected; i keep thinking up more and more tidbits for the play. much of it will stay in the back ground….mystery items for the audience to dig up as they watch the scenes. the best movies etc leave an open door and unanswered questions..

i hope im achieving this….


odie mama.



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