dont f**k with the ouija..

happy wednesday. or as i call it wed. nes. day.. thats the best way to remember how to spell it. wednesday is like my friday. holla!!

I have my feet kicked up on the table. got the cat by my side. and im knocking back a carbonated wine product delightfully called raspberry chardonnay. straight from the bottle. hardcore.  it isnt raspberry. its even less chardonnay. but its good shit! (can they up the alcohol content? its only 6%.    30% would do me nice.)

like it says in the title..dont fuck with the  “o” board. if you ever saw that movie The Exorcist ya’ll know why. nobody wants to give an invite to captain hardy so he can hang around the house, twist heads on necks, and make you piss in the living room on party night after hes possessed your body.

thats what happened to the poor girl in the film. Little linda blair. in the beginning shes down in the basement messing  with the board.remember that scene? If you don’t you’re like me. that subtle and random act of senseless unsupervised childs play was what really opened the gateway to hell. right into her bedroom. the film’s unforgettable scenes of chaos ensued.. nice people died. all because she used the o board instead of ken and barbie.   big no no blair .. big fucking no no.

yes i know that was a movie. based on a real exorcism.

how about this story….a friend of mind told me a about a time when she was at a sleepover party in the 90s.  they drew a dot on a mirror and called a womans name three times. a supposed witch. the dot moved. it really moved on the mirror. she saw it. she swears by her story. and i def could tell she wasnt lying from how she told it. Now I know she wasnt drinking that night because she was 10..well, er, maybe..but whatever the hell happned in that room she believes it. I can vouch that shes pretty sane. needless to say she didnt play the dot on the mirror game again..nor did any of the sleepover kids.

whats got my mind once again turned to the unseen and spirits? probably because im reading this psychic woman’s book. So ive decided to pronounce the next batch of blogs spirit week. yay.

im ushering in the whole shebang with a documentary on exorcism**. fun!! on a serious note there is something to be learned from this low budget poorly acted bad special effects independent and thats won’t be learned from the hollywood movies. this particular film is shows true stories/interviews from the clergy that performed the rites. it also includes their discussions of good versus evil.

the idea of demonic possession is downright scary as hell. (only for those who believe in these things). And interesting as hell. Also, its not often we get a real priest’s perspective about this matter. this film gets you as closer as possible to the rite. No one wants to be bedside for a first hand look at a demonic exorcism. thats just too damned dangerous.

interestingly enough the psychic author of the book ive been reading doesnt believe in spiritual possession/ bad ghosts/bad spirits. and shes seen more dead than a morgue.. thats interesting. how the hell would she explain exorcism?  how does she reconcile her views vs. the long established tenants and activities of the catholic faith. maybe this movie will give more insight into how they jive.

if i get out to san jose to ask her and im dont figuring out what to do about my career, finances, and the play im writing..i would ask her about it.

i would love to get a reading from her. i believe psychic readings are possible, but i would definitely go in with some scepticism. And with her in particular. is it because she makes so much money from it? and has a network of helpers and aides. and does tours like a rockstar. or is all this proof of her legitamacy? Even jacklegged preachers, the poisoned KoolAid man, and backstreet boys have fans…so that a no.

if i went i would go not expecting to get anything for the money.  i would just take the 500$ (how much is it??) and consider it gone. no hard feelings. once face to face with her she would have to prove on some level that she was as good as they say. im def not rejecting her. im would just take a healhty cautious approach. and if it didnt turn out i would cut my loses and keep rolling. Then I’d write a scathing blog and turn it into a t.v. Expose :)

but somewhere underneath it all i think she is real. i have hope..

alrighty kids. keep your “o” boards locked away. better yet. get rid of the board.  never burn your board. throw it away where someone cant get it.. like a river. if you burn your board you will curse yourself. just learned this!!

and have a safe weekend.


odie mama.

**if youre interested in seeing the documentary exorcism film (despite its slow pace and bad acting) its called “rite of exorcism: myths, mysteries” and its avail on instant streaming netlix.  enjoy.


3 thoughts on “dont f**k with the ouija..

  1. For reals. We used to do “light as a feather, stiff as a board” and it could have been my adolescent candy fog brain but I swear that worked once too!

    Thanks for the follow!


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