beer me.

hola. im back. having conquered 80 percent of the hardships in scene 2. and 75% of the writing. and its saint patys day which we mortals have managed to desecreate with our drunked and wanton ways. and i need a beer. and its hot out and hot inside my apartment because im fully dressed and ready to go out for a beer. by myself if i have to. on the corner. nothing crazy. perfect beer time. beer me now!  i wish i could take my cat with me. hes such a good moomoo kitty dragon fuzz baby. and he likes beer. and hes better company than most. and i think hes a bit lonely when im not with him. i know he is. but ill be back to see him in a few. and though i would,  thankfully im not going alone.  i am meeting _________ who’s been helping me with the play. so well go over some of the scenes from the play. and over some beer. yay. and hopefully all the drunkards that go over beer every day and find st patys a perfect excuse to get wasted, be slobs, puke and shit and piss on themselves, have gone about their business of doing just that and are already swept off the street and  passed out on a dirty mattress down on _________ or in a perfectly appropriate dumpster filled with dead rat carcasses.. so i can quietly and calmly get some brew. and be left alone. in the city that never respects.

ta da..


odie mama.


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