the odie files: A March Odyssey

odie with his new favorite toy. a chew toy filled with catnip. he plays with it up to two hours a day and cries when he cant find it...
odie sleeping again. on his back. his favorite place to be while hes dreaming. when hes deep in sleep he opens his eyes. They are "rolled back" and move with REM sleep. he also moves his arms and legs a lot. its funny to see.
odysseus sitting in his favorite place with his favorite sweatshirt/blanket. he always likes to be covered. warm and safe.
dont worry...odie never bites. unless hes playing.
this is odie yawning. i love how you can see the detail of his tongue even though the rest of him is moving and blurred.
odie: a full nude study
odie loves to sleep on his back.
mama loves it when he does..
odie. happy in contemplation.
odie soaks in the view

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