. if not ourselves…

is it time to look in the mirror and say these words of absolute recognition “i am all that i am. i am only this. i will never be anything else. i am myself.  i will never have  more or less god given talent.  more or less god given greatness. no more or less god given faults. character traits. fatal flaws.

i will never be smarter, though i could always be dumber. and i might be wiser. i will be no taller. or different looking. i will grow older. my cells will begin to die more than they grow. and one day the entirety of me shall die with them. i am the sum of my whole. not greater than its parts. just me. myself. i will not grow wings and most likely will never fly into realms never explored after a metoric rise from nothingness. i am myself. running to and from who i really am. though never getting further away from what that is than my own shadow.

if this is true why do i look different every time i look in the mirror? though before me i am me. as only i could be. and nothing more. though nothing less. why should i, with my eyes, see something changed?  why is our image so linked to emotion. what does it mean that our perception, and therefore our reality,  is constantly changing. who are we really if each moment and each second we are something different than who we were before…though we will never be that far away from our true selves. our destinys. our fates. our demise. and our triumphs. i wonder.


sleep tight.

dont let the nightmares bite.


odie mama.



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