an artist reborn.

feeling so alive!!! I got out of the house, did something extremely creative and experimental with photography. i think the results were great. helped a friend of mine with an art school project that she had. shes pursuing her masters and im really proud of her. so id like to help in any way I can.  my friends project call for her to “create lines with her body”. so she took flour and walked with it she poured it out of the bag and it “flowed” down her body/legs/feet. thus she created a visual line as she went down the sidewalk. this was high performance contemporary art we were making here! then i photograpraphed her using my samsung panoramic setting and was able to capture cool, sweeping scenes. full lines. im going to include the pics in another post.

glad i got out. glad i got creative. glad i got to work with someone on a project.


odie mama.


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