practically perfect

A most marvelous characteristic about us humans is that we have taken necessity and turned it into an art form. In ancient times we carved Ornate animal heads on canes to “pimp our limps”. In the middle ages we, actually I can’t think of a good example. Sorry. But I can say that today we have even “tattood” artificial limbs! How cool. And artistic. Other great examples: Buffalo horn eyewear adds character to vision correction. Gold plated wheelchairs with jazzy rims add swerve to cumbersome mobility aids. neon colored casts mend the boredom of broken limbs. there are plenty more of examples of what we’ve done to “uniquify” our lives, as can be seen in our many forms of shelter, modes of transport, the food we eat, and clothes we’ve designed. human life is truly a dazzling study in the endless possibilities of arraignment. though our tendency to”artify” our surroundings to this degree is uniquely homosapien, we must remember the practice it is not entirely so. in some ways we are much like those breeds of birds that decorate their nests and breeds of fish that build homes from rocks under the sea. both do so primarily to dazzle potential mates by providing safe brood havens. I guess we must concede that there we are as well, just simple creatures on a vast planet, trying to stand out and attract a mate just like the birds. Just like those fish. i’m more a passenger on the Jung boat of psychology than the more popular Freud tanker when it comes to human motivations. this means I do believe in art for arts sake. The value of music. The importance of literature and movies beyond who’s gonna get laid in the end. we aren’t all just in it for the bang bang..thank God. Right? So that means ive worn this outfit because I did really like it, not because someone else might. Trust me, I dress so weird i’m often they only one that can appreciate my ensembles…and i’m ok with that. when I think about all the ways we’ve made ourselves unique I am fascinated. In what ways have you turned necessity from simply that to simply amazing?



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