it has to be something else.

no. actually it doesnt. it can be the paranormal. the supernatural. the other worldly. and the outer universal. it can be something that cant explain with modern science.

just a few hundred years ago our premier scientists believed the earth went round the sun, that the body was filled with  four humors (blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm-tasty), and that trepanning and blood letting were the go to cures for a variety of illnesses.  in a few hundred years we too will be the  educated “morons” that thought chemo was the cure for cancer and that GMO veggies were harmless. so why should todays science be any more effecient at the diagnosis of the “unseen”.viable answer #1: it shouldnt.

(if you dont believe in god, spirituality, the unseen, the supernatural, or the immortal soul this might be a good place to stop reading)

our ancestors science might have been more “off” than ours, but that doesnt mean their scions were. we modernites shouldnt dismiss the ancient spiritual, scholarly, historical, and philosophical achievements/ knowledge preserved in the sacred books that they passed down to us.  much the way our bright city lights dims our view of the stars so our modern tech has obscured our connection to the heavens. we have dismissed long established texts in favor of MTV, DNA, CNN , and MRIs. for wi-fi and microwaves.

we shouldnt dismiss our ancestors beliefs. instead we should embrace the unexplained energies in our world as something powerful and meaningful as they did. and we should know that we can do so without dismissing our “logical” side. we should also stop asserting our “intelligence” over our instincts. arent instincts the greatest natural power we are given? unfortunately our instincts have become something we have humans have come to ignore.

i was inspired to write this entry because ive been watching shows on the paranorma. actually they are docudramas laced with real interviews of the people that experienced the hauntings portrayed in the episodes. the victims are shows wondering day after day even as they experience classic “haunting” phenomenon. ignoring their instincts. trying to explaint their hauntings logically. hey people! shit is breaking in your house. shadows are appearing. temperatures are changing. sounds are being heard. doors are slamming. places feel  scary”.  the victims keep saying this same line…”it had to be something else”. and they stay in the haunted house for weeks. even years. suffering..

that shit would never happen to me. im that person in the horror movie that says “fuck this guys im outta here” the second the wind blows the wrong way. the second i found out my house was haunted id move. yesterday. there would be nothing that could stop me. not family (theyre coming with me no matter what), not attachment. not money. id panhandle on the corner for motel money before i said “i cant afford another place to stay so im staying another night in the amittyville house.”

phase two. (if you insist on living there after all): call in a paranormal expert/healer and a priest. take care of the issue. believe its real. believe gods energy can help you to solve your problem. clean the bad house energies. lead the ghosts to the light. phase 3: continue to cleanse the energy in your house on a regular basis. one cleaning aint gonna get the job done. just ask the folks who lived in these places.

so next time something totally unexplained happens. or you know you heard something. and felt something.  but it aint easy to explain away. remember there is an easy explanation. its just not the one accepted by the mainstream.  theres more to this world than meets the eye. and thats a good thing. most of the time.

thank you.

and goodnight


odie mama.


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