bad ass w/ a side dish of house.

lightning has struck again. no. i didnt win the megamillions lottery. which surprised me because I promised the universe if i did win i would help save the rainforest and set up santuaries for the planets endangered species.  (instead of buying boats cars clothes and coke). …but my numbers didnt roll right. guess the universe wasnt intested… and we’re both SOL.

this time the lightning is solely mental. Ive been struck with an incredible idea for a movie/screenplay based on the themes fuck em down, fuck em up, and fuck em good-set to great electronic music. its a “vengence is ours” action mystery suspense thriller starring with two female heroines. surprise. this ones not written for the fellas, role wise..visually, yes. guys will find this movie a must see.

actually its a movie i think anyone would come and see. even grandmas. grandmas that like lots of heart pumping eye searing action… because its just cool chicks getting it done. kicking ass as no mercy attractive soldiers. sounds spicey no? oscar gold.

itll be filled to the gills with lots of my two fave action themes… disco and knives/guns. actually house music would be the soundtrack filler of choice. a raging pumping pulsation ambience that would massage the viewers minds as they followed these two bomb ass women through the ins and outs of dangerous missions. and no. its not james bond with breasts. (i hate that word). and its not victoria secret with handguns. its believable. its real. its badass. its cutting edge as much as its cutting flesh. and it would work. a critically acclaimed sales vehicle…

hard to cast. but if done right there’d be no stopping it.

kind of  wish it would write itself…but thats not going to happen is it?

back to the grind.


odie mama.



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