cant think of a title..

My beef felt especially Wendell this morning.and I wanted to stay there a few more hours.
That was my phone again…autocorrecting my sentences into inanity..
My bed felt especially wonderful this morning…this is what I intended to write. Who the hell is Wendell anyway? why is that who my phone picked? (bonus points if you started singing that 90’s brain virus by the band arrested development.. “iyyyyyiii am everyday people… hey hey hey…Mr Wendel..ooh ooh Mr. Wendell..”)
Let’s backtrack. again.

oh im still happy inside thinking about it. my bed this morn was especially Soft. Inviting. Like an equilibrium chamber set in the confines of my apartments reality. a downy lined censory deprivation equilibrium chamber, insulating me from the rest of our harsh, physical world. why did i have to get up? right at that moment i should have melted into the oblivion of those sheets and that comforter. i wish the world could have forgotten about me for just one day. again.

all this mumbo jumbo about deprivation chambers reminds me of this scifi movie where the main character goes into one and learns how to dream a future disastrous consequences.. it was weird shit to base a movie on. but hey, thats Hollywood. Then to keep the action rolling along the weird shit has to hit the fan and we have to watch it get cleaned off. super weird!

i wonder what 24 hours back in a simulated womb would feel like?  that matress and matching comforter set is the closest we’ll get.

in other news…i want my new kick ass chick movie idea to feel like deep cover meets old boy meets tequila sunrise. No stretches there. ha.
If the movie makes it big people would be shocked at the amount of sex and violence I included in the plot. gratuitous? why the hell not/absolutely.  though no one would be shocked by the amount of house music and swearing. thats my day to day.
also, if it went big I wouldn’t be surprised to work on a number of action thriller movies starring strong female leads (according to Netflix lingo) and nothing else.. No more heartfelt two act plays about life and death under the clouds of uncertain faith. just pure torture filled adrenaline. sounds exciting.

alrighty then.


odie mama..



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