Talk with the animals

I’ve Been having amazingly lucid, colorful dreams. And fun dreams. In Monday nights Dreamscape, I spent a half hour parachuting high above the spectacular Miami beach/coastline with a super large plastic bag. No sharks!
And last night/morn I dreamt that an old schoolmate? had a monkey type mammal for a pet and had brought it out to a gathering. It was the cutest little thing, with light brown shaggy fur, and a long, furry tail. It rode around on her shoulder and was as comfortable as could be in the busy atmosphere. the best part was that it could talk. No shittake mushrooms! (i’m trying to swear less). this little monkey guy  said the must insightful and wonderful little blurbs about how it felt and what it was seeing. it had a high pitched not annoying voice like the friendly gremlin gizmo. I can’t recall the creatures name, but it was male. So let’s dub him Charlie for blogs sake.
So Charlie spoke as an animal would. but not like a parrot. Not like a dr. doolittle human overdub. More like an intelligent animal fuzzy creature baby..
“i’m hungry. Can I have some of that to eat mama..that tastes great. You should try it too.”
“Ooh I really like you. Give me a hug. Oh that’s nice.”
Thank you mama. Hug me again. Oh that’s nice too. And just pet me a little too.”
“Hey mama. I like her hair. She’s nice.. Very nice. I like her energy.”
Actually i’m making Charlie sound like an overly happy rain man.. Which wasn’t the case. No offense to rain man btw. Great movie.
Charlie was a marvelouly sentient being, as animals are. That’s what I mean to say. And he was able to convey the essence behind the animal mind in my dream. It was rather fantastic.
I wish animals could speak, so that we  humans could  dispense with our self destructive superiority complex and preserve what’s left of this beautiful planet. And our selves. Not a bad trade off if you ask me.

I also wish the passage in the Bible that translates to “dominion over the animals/ that animals were put here for us to do with as we like” (and is too often used to justify animal abuseP
instead translated to ” protect and honor” ,  ” preserve and live with in harmony” the animals.
Alas. it doesnt.
And i’m not sure it would make enough  of a difference. We humans need a little more than revised verse to awaken our animanity.. (trust me. Humanity is the wrong word).
If only there was an animal that could speak to us on behalf of all animals.
If only we each had a cute shoulder riding talking creature to remind us of our duty to this planet, its creatures. and if only that animal had oil, gold, satellite defense systems, high speed communication, transportation, electronic systems, tanks, guns, bioweapons, submarines, drones, long range nuclear capabilities and could build really tall walls. Then it just might work.

Love ,
Odie (my personal talking animal) and Odie mama.


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