a fun picture to brighten your day!

4 thoughts on “funtastic!

  1. Thanks for this…. I actually saw this some time ago, and have used this as a desktop background, It is great for that, gives one a lot to look at and dream on when just gazing around the files there….

    • As this was posting, I remembered where I found it; it is one of the available backgrounds in Windows 7 Home Edition that came with the laptop when I bought it… so if you’re running that OS, you have it there on your computer…pretty cool, eh?

      • i thought this looked familiar. your memory is better than mine. i must have buried it in my windows os nightmares file. and just found it while i was mining for cool pics on the net. was using a mac for a long time. that blew up, so returned to pc about a year ago. its been a hell of a ride ever since. i never know what to expect from my dell. will it turn on today? will it work if it does?….the fun never ends :)

      • Aye, our comps sometimes show some definite signs of anthropomorphism, for sure… I’m not going to imply that they are like our dogs, who tend to look like us over time, but, hey it sure seems that way at times, doesn’t it? I only remembered because I had to try to figure out when I used it; it was quite a while ago… any who, it IS a great picture, so thanks for the memory. I’ll probably stick it back up there for a few days, it’s fun to look at; a lot of detail…. take care….


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