a spoonful of cool pics helps the written blog go down…

..in the most insightful waaaaaaay.

my new favorite past time is trolling the internet for amazing wallpapers/pics that i can share with you. trolling might imply a less savory online activity.. so i guess digging up, rooting around in, exploring, peeling back the layers on, and going knee deep in the image archives is a more appropriate description. the pics ive been looking for are serenity inspired landscapes, less overtly sexual fantasy art (because most fantasy always has some naked woman flying around with a dragon which limits usuable material), very cute animals, amazing art, inspiring illustrations, unique graphic designs, and of course the occasional ironic/humorous picture.

true reveal of the day:  im enjoying finding/sharing pics more than i am enjoy writing musing for the blog. pics are easier to post and they elicit a more positive response and readership. in blog world a picture is worth a thousand words, without a doubt. on average it takes me an hour to post a decently edited 1000 words. (if youve been reading my blog you know that i only edit them roughly. thank you for your patience). 1000 words is a tiring task to read in our computer driven, info overload, instantaneous gratification age. especially if the topic is about someones personal feelings and not a news clip, in depth articles, or movie review. after reading about 300 words of traditional blog, fatigue sets in. even for me. and i consider reading to be my number one hobby.

so i understand why pictures are more popular in blogville. an image allows us to feel any way wed like about it in an instant. and then we can move on to another pic.

that can be the beauty  of being a visual artist instead of being a writer. (i consider myself both.)  visual art is more easily shared, digested, sold, and created. its a win win win win for viewer and creator alike.

just recently ive considered splitting my blog off into two categories/seperate blogs. one for pics. and one for my writing. hmm. kind of scared though. (it didnt work for netflix.)  i could never part with the writing completely. its a necessary aspect of my artistic process, though much more arduous to craft and deliver. true reveal 2:  i like having the writing and photo blog together because i can sandwich  my most honest thoughts about the world, thoughts the the world frankly might not care for,  in between a picture of the worlds most huggable kitten and a pleasant coastal photograph. the writing segments are  like the beans ( i loath beans) and the photos are like the cupcakes. ( i love me some cupcakes)  oh man. ive been craving cupcakes. the best ones are made by elenis in the chelsea market. moist bouyant bouncable cake and creamy, sugary, artery clogging, double  heaped frosting. elenis is  a 40 minute trip away. guess what. it aint happening. t hough if i walked there i could kill some calories, get some fresh air, see the city, get the cupcake. nope. still not gonna happen.

todays my first day off in a long time and im going to spend it on sushi and writing. i feel best when im creating. thats my normal happy. and then i need to interspurse that with super laid back episodes of down time. full on mindless fun times. pinot grigio being my lubricant of choice to let my hair down in public. but never really forget myself. its about the buzz, not about the kill.

maybe ill indulge this vice a grab a drink later.


odie mama.



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