here we are again. face to face. isnt this world a crazy place.. im drawing all blanks from the card deck of inspiration. so ill just throw out random tidbits from recent days. did i just remind you of a disney movie? why cant i buy the movies? id like to see the classics again. snow white. sleeping beauty. bambi. cindarella. sword and the stone. etc….disney please release them. you have enough money already. no need to stockpile them.

I had a dream last night that i was back at home? with my mom and dad.  my mom had two polar bears as pets. right there in the living room. both very tame.  sitting side by side. one had curly hair like a standard poodle.  and the other one looked normal. as normal as a pet polar bear in a living room can look. i cant remember anything else about the dream because when i woke up i had a really nice text from my dad that said happy easter, and i wasted no time texting him back. the small energy that took wiped clean the dream slate.

i still wish i could go back to the 80s. as a 25 year old. with a complete set of history books from 2011. enclopedias. a betters handbook. the almanacs. and the nasdaq/stock results/wsj from 1908-2012. and no evidence that i was from another time. for safetys sake. now that would be amazing. id make some investments. legal and illegal. illegal just for fun btw. all the not yet classified/controlled substances… id set up some wonderful foundations and charities. and id become politically active. the changes id lobby for would pass easier than today. id make waves. off the coast of miami.

right now im watching tv. the idiot box. and im mesmerized. been working alot so love just letting my mind ooze soft over mindless caca. right now im watching james cameron reassess the sinking of the titanic. hes holding a banana up and tearing it apart and showing how the stern  of the ship split apart as it sank. weird visual. totally wierd. but hes a genius. hes usual right about whats going to be big at the box office. except for him believing that there will be any interest in titanic in 3d. granted the film companies  wont lose money. only cost them 20 million to reissue the film this way. so his head wont be on a stick anytime soon.

from what i can tell it looks like cameron spent a ot of time meticulously retooling the detials of the sinking thats presented in the film. he got some stuff wrong the first time. and being a consumate perfectionist/die hard workaholic hes fixing them.

its amazing the teams of people he assembled for this project. hes a cool dude. i didnt like titanic. but i forgive him since he created terminator. wish i had his terminator work ethic.

ive been thinking about printing out my many blog entries and starting a book of odie mama blog. a collection of thoughts. not for others to read at this point, more so that i have my writings collected and saved. some of the writing im reading on this blog is so good i can see it being published. as a collection of thoughts journal.

so tired…gonna go now and post some cool pics for you guys.

im really loviong the wordpress community that ive found. its like we’re creating our own daily magazine by banding together and contributing our own vital pieces. the sum of our parts is definitely greater than the whole. happy easter.


odie mama.




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