lest you be judged…

more randomness shall this blog be. in no particular order of importance..

#1. woke up thinking about making the mom in the play know that shes terminal from the outset, yet hides this from her son. how might i restructure this play to fit that in. and how would this restructure affect the rest of the scenes.  (id never finish it is my conclusion at this point). it was interetesting to f__ck my own mind for a second thinking about the plot holes and plot loops and plot spins out of controls possibilites/outcomes from this change. when i get ideas like this from my first waking conscious moments they tend to be a brilliant mess. even i cant make sense of them in one sitting. ill keep you posted.

step 2. im not intersting in writing this blog. again. but here i am. trying to remain loyal to myself and this writing endeavor.

#3. i am intersted in playing my new (old) video game. meaning its been out forever but i just bought it the other day.

Legos: pirates of the caribbean based on the disney movies. all four of them. never even saw the last one..the first was good, the seond of course less so. and the third. well, it was a turd.   doesnt sound like the game would be much of an experience but believe me it is..I love this game. its kind of like an action rpg. so theres a lot of task solving. a little sword fighting. and i love the part where you get to break apart items on the world and collect coin bits from them and buy “upgrades” later.  playing it is such a relief from my real world. though my real world aint that hard to live in. besides for my overanalysis and insecurity of it. now im depressed.

#4. oh good. i have a video game to cheer me up. bread and circuses has become  odie mamas cupcakes and video games. enough to keep me merry through the apocalypse.

is it a good time to mention that im kind of looking forward to the world ending.  supposed to be  coming soon right? im tired of the movies depicting it. lets get down to brass tacks and see the poles reverse and the earth get pissed and unleash its mighty fury on us nice folk that destroyed/tainted every corner of her…now thats going to be real excitement. in my version of it i live long enough to see people running and screaming for their lives as forces of nature (the soundtrack), endless rounds of alien laser powered munitions (the lightshow), and the hand of god (the protagonist) sweeps over us, exacting long deserved retribution. as i envision the scene it would be a calvalcade of helpless folks being drowned burned mutilated, and roasted alive like bbq. “oh look. its ken and barbie on the barbie!   “oh look its sweet grammy wilmas head rolling down the street. get the camera kids!” thats an instagram moment! in sepia tone please. you have to have lived in nyc to fully understand my staging of this blitz.

in my version even those assholes that screwed all of our lives, ruined the future for our kids and our grandkids and dont give a flying fuck about this planet would also die. its more fair that way.  this part would play out as an homage to those movie scenes were a wealthy dickwad offers up all his gold in the middle of the desert for a glass of water. and there are no takers. he dies. :)

and ill aslo be fair about this whole world ending thing and die like everyone else. see yall in the next non earth world. but  the plants and animals and natural landscapes are preserved. thats also in my version. reincarnation for us into animal and plant forms is an option. and i think a good one.

#6. if the world ends i dont have to feel quilty about this play not being done. i mean … me…not..putting..in …the…efffort..it..deserves…to…finish..it.   damn i struggled to write that truth.  there it is. laid bare for the world to see. theres no avoiding it.

now ill sip a glass of red wine and while (sp?) away the last moments of this day.


odie mama.

that wasnt too morbid was it? good. i didnt think so.. :)



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