what time is it?

as i write this its 1118 pm. eastern standard time. in amerika. but my laptop says its 1018pm. i never turned it forward for the spring summer seasons. elsewhere in the world its already tomorrow. and further away its practically yesterday.  and when i finally post this wordpress will tell me it was published at 4 am. Not 11:57 pm in blogville. Actually new its 1248 am. This blog took me a very long time to write…

you see wordpress is always four hours ahead of me. it took me awhile to figure this out, and then I thought about this a little more before realizing the obvious: our dear wordpress is on GMT time! this blog will show up in tomorrow land though i wrote it today. and if it’s read those stats post to yet another date.  thats if people read it…posting this late isnt good for site stats.  i should have posted it this morning around 8 am my time for best results. that way all of the usa would see it for the rest of the day…and though i know my optimal post window time (do you know yours?) i tend to post rather later than i should…this is becuase by the time i sit down to write my blog (takes about an hour) its after i come home for work, feed the cat and the fish, and come up with an idea to write about. I also have to eat dinner. (should i just start reblogging other genuis wordpressers posts? id post early everyday.)

BUT..and this is a big but, its good to post late too.  very interesting people stay up at night to read and write on here :) just like me.  we are the late time zone wordpress amerika bloggers group. quite the eclectic hodgepodge of artists, writers, theologians, and poets. there is also a large indian wordpress group ive tapped into, which i like. i get to interact with bloggers from the other side of the world this way. and im happy to be a part of this international/late group.

what is time anyway? And do we need it?

we live based on the principles of time. time being a crazy non existent abstraction of numbers based on the position of the sun in our sky that regulates every aspect of our lives.. and i agree that we must have clocks and calendars in order to function as a species 7 billion deep. if we didnt we wouldnt remember when to do really important things like what day to pay our taxes or flash mob unexpecting travelers in ny’s  grand cental station. but just how we got to this modern system  called GMT is a wild and crazy ride. and confusing as all heck. im not doing an in depth (fully plagiarized wiki pedia entry) here, but i will share some interesting facts. read em and weep.

GMT is known fully as Greenwich Mean Time. and is also known as mean solar time.   and it almost the same as UTC, coordinated universal time,   though not be confused with it! (at this point I began to be confused…but I digress)

GMT was replaced by UTC, but before that it was also known as ZT, Zulu time. which was the same as UT. Fully confused. Me too. Yet there’s more.

GMT is also known as WET, Western european time. this is just one of 6  european time zones.  africa also has 6. the us has 4. asia has 19. china 1. north america 8 total. south america? i didnt check.. nor the other regions. Some regions move to other timezones as the seasons shift. your neighbor across the street can be an hour ahead our behind. If I lived there id celebrate new years twice!

in the UK, GMT is only official in winter. (why shouldn’t it be?). in summer, if you want to be more than less accurate,  you must use BST, british summer time. (that’s easy to remember)

Now GMT would have been just GT. but because the sun in greenwich is rarely precise in its “desired” height at noontime we added the M, which stands for Mean (we must average the years solar noon heights in order to get close to clock normalcy.) though nothing about this seems normal. Boy how mixed up and inaccurate…this aint your mothers aztec calendar! Which says the world should be ending soon. Or they got tired of carving…

as youve figured out from all this zaniness GMT is based on our suns travels through the sky. because of this GMT is now less prefered to UT and UCT. (theyre based on atomic clock calculations and are more accurate.) I still prefer HBO and VH1. Over MTV. But I didn’t see any info on that during my research.

in 1955 UT became UT0. there is also UT1 and UT2, but im not going there. (Sequels are usually less rewarding than the original.) nor will i be discussing GMAT (greenwich mean astronomical time), or the differences between legal GMT and geographical GMT. We are all happier about this.

lets just agree that our 24 hour wristwatch and cellphone times will have to do. for now.

Love, Odie mama.
Odie is on Odie time and is asleep already.


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