notes from the background

im still craving a tropical blue hawaian cocktail and a well cooked pork chop. ill get back there this weekend.  my new found tiki hut bar in the middle of ne amerika. my own private idaho/slice of heaven.

todays blog will again be a series of notes. worked on the play today. happier about the dialogue but realized theres a plot hole that has to be worked out. concerning the nun/nurses name. theres a lot of word play based on her last name and then i figured out that she wouldnt be using her given last name (funnily enough it can also be called the” last name ive given her”) because when you become consecrated (is that the word?) in the lifestyle you take the name of a saint. until vatican II (not sure what that time period is. 1970s maybe), nuns and sisters took the names of male saints. sometimes, depending on your sect, you were given your name/ not allowed to choose one for yourself. you better hope the mother superior liked you back then. some of those saint names are hardly friendly to pronounce.

even in the more relaxed times of modern nunhood the taking of the saints name is important. ill ahve to check my saints list and see if i can transcribe the word play onto another name. currently its nunez. but perhaps theres something else with a z and a y sound that will work. i pray.  please god help me out. its about you in a way :)

that should be the last of my concerns.  the play as a whole is being finished at a snails pace. im being overly meticulous about it i think. and on top of that blog readership is down. as is my enthusiasm for crafting/writing a daily blog. i havent been posting that many pics lately either.  which explains the traffic wane. so i have to get back to that too. as i wrote before, no one wants to just see a lot of writing and zero pics. moderation in all things.

i remember reading childrens books and always looking forward to the pictures. sometimes id even sneak ahead. if my dad was reading to me id just have to wait. i have fond memories of that.

also had a dream that i was in a horrific plane crash. we landed in the freezing atlantic ( i almost wrote titanic…thats the effective inception of that re released movies advertising blitz) and i swam out through a hole int he fuselage. i found my dad later. he told me my brother had survived. but not my mom. i was devastated. how do you spell that word again. devestated? oh fuck it.. i was so sad she died because id been meaning to call her and tell her i missed her and loved her in real life, and this nightmare seemed so real.

you better believe when i woke up from that dream thats the first thing i did. and i was happy again.

alrighty then.

nitey nite then.


odie mama…



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