odies favorite pics from the web!

beary suprised! actually he looks beary unimpressed.
the beginning of the nightmare. wait? which part of the film is this. i forgot. oh well. great movie anyhow.
if sound were a rainbow. and if acid was in the water.
lion king. gotta have the bling bling if youre a the king's king.
catch a thousand stars
blades of beauty
dance like no ones watching. and upgrade your ipod like can afford it.
abstract escapes. imagine if jello tasted as good as this looks. even i'd eat it.
i was going to post this earlier, but then kept wondering what the hell that appendage is hanging down from the middle of it? is it what i think it is.. if so im sorry.
fish feeding. a day in the park. i always loved this weird pic for reaons unexplained. wish i had a pond like this and a monster gold fish.
this is how it feels sometimes. living in the big crazy city...at least there's trees and sunshine in this set up.
hand hand coordination
a wonderful rendering of my insanity. in my version theres no one to clean the bowl.
an extra shot form my post "the world according to guim" that i forgot to add earlier. scissors wins !
i dont know what the hell it is but i like it. reminds me of the phantom tollbooth. i loved that book and cartoon
typical fantasy pic. a naked lady and a dragon. at least shes a centaur (which were only male in traditional mythology) and the pic itself is awesome/badass.
joseba eskubi. i really like this and need to post more of this artists work. heres a good sample. what do you think it is? even picasso would be stumped.
another cute picture!!! enjoy. odie esp. loved this.
life can feel like this sometimes. you just gotta keep sailing. even if your ship is a round wooden barrel top and not a yacht.
a cool mind f**k...
i likey.
dont get lost down here alone. though from the look of it even then you wouldnt be alone. creepy.
urban whale oasis

alright. odie and i cleaned out or web pics closet… all of the cool pics we found over the past few months and didnt use. hopefully some of this pics made you smile or made you wonder what they were about. both good results. i did the commentary of course. thats it for today..

nitey nite.


odie and odie mama.


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