cyber shots.

its sci fi week here in odyssian blog land. and i found some great wallpapers to compliment our theme.  engage!

ahh the military angel of death. what a futurerealistic way to die..
im told this is a flying fish space ship. im not seeing anything fish about it. but it still looks cool to jump galaxies on..
i like everything about this sci fi warrior girl pic. except for the heels. so unrealistic right?.. ok. and the thong..
artists rendering of future space ship. it looks like one of the prehistoric dolphins with the saw tooth beaks. the ones in the amazon that live in the river basin. and theyre all white. and super cute. and they love to eat fish? ok. im done.
reminds me of that scene from the devils advocate when pacinos hell wall starts moving. this ones rendered better. still wouldnt want to lean on it or hang art there.
scifi city lover's vista point. "string attached". mabye thats why this person is single.
trantonian dream. must be some book title or something. i just borrowed the title from the site. prob a good book.
great rendering of view of space from window. would love to have that view. and id love to have those big screen t.v.s too.
wow. look at the monsters in those tanks. whatever you do, dont wake them up...
nicely rendered blue landscape. simply dream-tastic. prob great place to cyber/hover board in the winters.
great view from jupiter. too bad it took 700 earth years to get here. well. looks like a great burial ground too. peaceful even. that makes the trip all the way out here and dying somewhat redeeming.
damn thats bright. no need to adjust your monitors. its supposed to hurt your eyes says the artist.

alrighty then.

theres plenty more on the net. these are just the ones i found from the intial sweep. ill put more up this week.

nitey nite,

love odie mama. and odie.


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