Tiki time

At my new favorite beach bar in the middle of dry land, having a tiki drink. Of course i’m alone. But that’s besides the point. I came all the way out here and i’m honoring a craving I’ve had all week. And i’m getting my blog done at the same time!
That Sci fi book i’ve been reading would make a great film. Its got intrigue mystery romance warfare, trilogy potential, and sex. But since its written in the style of the Decameron, whereby each character tells his or her tale, it would be difficult to adapt to the big American screen. all the same, in competent hands, I still think it would be well worth the task.
Like any great idea, i’m not the first to have it. And certainly not with a book that came out on ’89 and win a Hugo Sci fi award .and “hyperion the movie”is no exception. From what I’ve surmised, it was auctioned off the block around 2006. And is scheduled for movie release in 2013. According to imdb.
That ain’t gonna happen. No way.no how. No cast has been set. No filming dates. Only a director. And if his Past work is any predictor for future failure…well this is our man. We’ve got some poopoo and peepee on or hands. If you’ve read hyperion this childish bodily function description makes sense.
For such a brilliant and breath taking novel, with a great sense of scatological humor,  to meet such a big screen fate is a sad thing. O can only hope that the right hype masters sign on, and thereby the right actors and decent writers in turn. Thought that’s not usually how Hollywood land operates.
Alrighty. I’m gonna go finish my gallon tall tiki drink. Smiles!
I’m proud of myself forhow well i’ve kept to my one a day blog regimen. Rain.shine. Tiki.drinks or not!
Odie mama


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