tropical fantasy=parrot pics

well i guess “tropical sci fi week” is a better theme for our blog than just plain ole sci-fi. well at least odie seems to think so. as i was cruising the internet i came across some fantasy art bird pics. and odie likes birds. how stunning  they look. how  beautifully they fly. how wonderful they taste. so i agreed to let odie have a chicken flavored treat as long as he left me alone long enough to scour the net some more and download/nab some amazing fantasy inspired parrot pics. you wont believe what weve found! here they are… in no sensical order.

lets start with the most magnificent picture we found! a great wallpaper for any parrot fan.
well well.look what we found here. a michael parkes drawing. no wonder i did a whole blog post about his art a few weeks ago. hes another winning combo: beautiful parrot+ lady= lovely picture...
this pic goes in an entirely different dirction. as with any human interpretation some ideas leave us speechless. and this is one of them. i simply dont know what to say about this smoking bad ass biker parrot. hes cute. you just cant take him home to mom. definitely different.
its five o clock somewhere and this lush of a parrot isnt taking any chances. its just a parrot kind of party as his shirt, dazed expression, barely hanging on sunglasses, and bottom-shelf margarita let us know the obvious. i dont judge. i just observe.
oh no! now this is just sad. more drunk parrots. i think this is a logo from a tshirt fo the parrot party company. and so is the pic of the drunkard with the margarita above. so it might seem like im picking on the parrot party specifically. but im not. there were a lot more pics of parrots getting "their drink on" webside. i wonder why theyre so many drunk parrot pics......hmmm?
see. like this pic. another margarita drinking parrot.... weird right?
oh now i know why!! these poor parrots must have seen these drinking bird contraptions and picked up the habit!
ok this is just plain weird. but also creative. and creepy. enough so that i thought it warrented inclusion. i guess we can call it a parrot horse! or a parrataur.
an interesting abstract parrot depiction. nice colors and style.
this birds looking a little crazy. but i still think hes sober. i hope. :) ok. im done with the drunk parrot jokes. i promise.
this is one lucky bird! perched on a cute lady angels arms and nice natural landscape in the background. being someones pet aint so bad.


thats it from parrot fantasy bird (not so much sci-fi) picture land. hopefully one of these pics tickled your imagination/fancy.

odies hungry now. so im going to give him another treat.

nitey nite..

love odie.

and odie mama.


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