beatri (x) (ce)?

top of the morning to you! my hair looks like mozarts wig. after the concert. thats what  happens when you have super duper curls and take a shower right before bed. instant dreadlocks. its not the 60’s so i didnt do an updo or some hair cap contraption to prevent this.  i just let the afro flow upon the pillow. all night.  today itll take me 30 minutes to comb out the dreads. before they set for real.

all the same im glad i didnt use that toxic hair straightening treatment i mentioned not using before. though the plus of that being you dont have to worry much about combing your hair straight when youre bald. the only plus.

its a hell of a morning for my brain as well. it feels like scrambled eggs, mess hall style. the uncooked, semi-runny kind that just slip out of the serving spoon and slop down on your buffet tray and ooze. (my favorite kind :). my IQs down an additional 50 points at least. how many points does that leave me with? this ny municipal tap is killing my cells…so’s the chinese food diet. but it tastes so good.

moving on and trying to make sense with whats left:  ive made good progress with the play. scene two is done. the core. theres a smaller end ing scene i think id like to included, even if it gets cut out in the final version… its too funny not to give it a try at inclusion. and  its the first time the mom comes under pressure to reveal something truly personal about herself, which shes always reluctant to do. its amazing to see her dodge and dance the hammer.

the first scene also has a denoument and then another exciting cataclysmic conflict build before it ends. just like scene deux. i wonder if the audience will like this style that im writing in or if theyll feel like the scenes are overlong. overlong play scenes = boredome=death of a playwright. fuck the salesman.

did anyone else find that play, the most admired play in the world, to be a sad depressing one way journey into the land of caca. sure it was great writing character reveal etc., but what a sad depressingly hopeless story. about a character with no character arc. about unimitigated failure. i need my characters to want to live. to recognize mistakes. to want to get better. to apologize. and maybe even kick some major ass along the way.  i cant sit for two hours and see someone go straight downhill. thats so 1950.

lets return to 2012. which is looking like 2013 at the rate im writing…

ive also plugged the plot hole with nunez’s saint name. i think its going to be beatrice but with an ‘x’ at the end. beatrice was dantes muse. beatrix,  is the nun version. the dante reference is important. shes the light out of his darkness of hell. nunez is the light for the mom in this same way. and beatrix fits the requirements of being unusual. foreign. and a hard name to say which all plays perfectly into the name/nickname scene ive spent days crafting.

beatrice. beatrix.

there is a saint by the name beatrix. actually two? perhaps more. ive only dont light research so far. the first beatrix was roman and died approx 300 ad. she is not included in the traditional roman calendar of saints, but that doesnt mean shes not fit for  inclusion in the play. as tim gunn says. make it work. poor beatrix  was hanged for helping persecuted christians. the rope is her symbol.  the second beatrix is carthusian nun. died around 1820. known for her passion she impaled her left hand to understand christs pain.

these two historic nuns alone with the priceless dante reference makes the name perfect i think. of course the mom only knows about the dante beatrice at first. but that connection is the most important aspect of the name. “if the name fits you must awrit.”

did any of what i just wrote make sense? oh well. im leaving it. ive got to return to playville.

i have a feeling im going to need someone from the order to go over the details of this play to make sure its factually sound and somewhat plausible.

alright. gotta go.

its play time!


odie mama.

and odie….hes off eating his new brand of cat food that he loves. so happy!

N.B. since its sci fi week i should tie this post in with a sci fi reference. and here it is. the name Beatrice was lifted from a passage in Hyperion. is this book not the stuff of my literary dreams or what?!!!



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