creature feature

behold the amazing creature art i found on the matrix. enjoy!

the line up. who's guilty of being the coolest creature?
spiritual sci fi.
moon man. with saucer eyes.
blue creature. by kent jensen.
red creature. interesting layering of opaque and translucent layers and colors.
now im usually anti drool on all occasion. so this will be the only time ill accept it and promote it. so here it is. awesome creature. scary as hell. good thing our computers dont have scent mimickers...his breath looks "kickin".


shes not bad looking for being a creature feature. art by dan luvisi.
amazing art by jacob escabado (hope i spelled that right). ill do a full post about his work in the coming weeks. beautiful detail. and i love the graph paper background. just ties its strange uniqueness all together.
this is also by jacob escabado. toady with mushrooms. trippiest creature of them all. and strangely cute, dont you think?
thunder cat. by chris cold.

okay. theres our sci fi creature entry for sci fi week. i hope i gave proper art credits where i could. i found some really amazing art in the matrix. so in the next few weeks ill be putting up more work by these artists and the links so people can get prints and more info if they’d like.

nitey nite.

dont let the sci fi creatures bite.


odie and odie mama.



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