creature feature part II

ok i know this guy has big teeth and everything, but hes kind of cute. and i like his bright coloration.
id rather bowl with this guy than the big lebowski. his ball lights up!
a cute sci fi creature. sci fi alien caribou.
hes scary. part mantis. part ramshorn sheep. all lightning.
we have creatures in earths deepest oceans that kind of look like this angler alien fish.
this is a tonberry creature. reminds me of an alien ghost from a childreans book. i like that hes curious about his own reflection.
super scary spike creature. does not double as friendly housepet /guarddog even on outerworld planets with acid for oceans.
cave creature. brings out the claustrophobia in everyone---> run. like. hell.
its a gas giant whale type creature. is he air or water based? looks like
black and white sci fi creature. with sweet eyes. part bird. part monsoon rat? 35% huggable.
"king of the forest". and king of your nightmares. forest wanderers beware.

i hope you enjoyed my second installment of sci fi creature art. all compliments of the matrix.

goodnite.  hopefully no nightmares.

love odie.

and odie mama.



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