sci fi surrealistic! (episode I)

killian eng is an amazing surrealistic sci-fi artist from sweden (est. 1982). he uses computer graphics to enhance his wonderful illustration and drawing skill set.  i simply love his choice of perspective, color, and light. his art is infused with  the hyperreaslitic tension, emotion, and spirituality of the future-world environment/dimension. enjoy.

hallway of the future. ominous yet irrisistably inviting.
intricate detail and colorwork. and i love the symboled border. killian definitely needs to illustrate a tarot card deck series.
this eye is a window and a doorway to the soul of some distant future. unfortunately for the guy who's hiding, that soul is embodied in a 50 ft woman.
this illustration is titled "collapse" (named after the song on an album killian illustrated). the bean bag of the future. has armrests.
the jungle. amazing detail. i love the levels and layers and colors of this illustration.
meeting your maker
masked enforcer.
fleeing man versus machine men. who's gonna win?
fall. into the future. of your own destruction.
a call to alms. one of four prayer depictions by killian eng. (more to come)
sunrise confessions. an illustration from the Caotico album. has an egyptian ark kind of feel. i like.

killian has so much good stuff. im going to post more tomorrow.

have a great sci fi kind of night.


odie mama.

and of course, odie.


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