sci fi surrealistic (episode II)

hello everyone. im pleased to present killian eng surrealistic sci fi graphic illustration design art, episode deux.  again i added my own ” instant reaction” commentary. enjoy the trip.

a call to alms. all four parts of this unique series. future man at prayer. which version do you like best? which version most accurately portrays you at prayer?
killian engs magnificent imagination to the rescue of the fallen. does the wall grafitti in back call for freedom? f. r. e......
matrix manifestation. crystalline perfection. lawnmower man detection.
a showdown. or a show up? the creator versus the created? a study of power and control. luminary.
muted colors. beautifully precise lines. delicate porcelain features. inner vision. view into balance.
wonderful depiction of lights. in and out of the city. flourishing flourescence. powerfully quiet in its stillness.
linear delineation. strong color blocking. brillianteen sheen. fore and aft magnanimous.
the beginning of the end? a full moon on the horizon of mayan style pyramids. something hidden. labyrinthian. forboden.
towering mountain of refuse. angular jutting profusion. disturbed angst. precipice of danger.
the mind as a jungle. points illuminated. others dark. mysterious. densely tropical. sparse connectivity. current access allowed?
innards of a lightship. debut of space outside. the jagged bright edges of space time discontinuum.
imaginary work spaces. secret stacks and stocks of places. wheres waldo-esque color mutiny.
renaissance woman. connectivity of the future man emotion. inner urban spark.
hi-tech lo-tech. colorway staircase. encapsulated elegance. gem stone static.

granted the pictures i posted kept getting smaller and smaller.

killian eng has so much amazing stuff. this warrents a third part installment coming soon.

sci fi week continues.

love odie.

and odie mama.



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