in the mists of s e r e n i t y


A thick cloud of water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth’s surface that obscures or restricts visibility…
structures amid fog
flight through fog.
beachline with fog in distance.
a lone deer in a foggy meadow.
natural forest landscape with beautiful fog cover.
flight of a lone bird through fog with bridge in the background.
dense forest. dense fog.
a lone horse in a fog covered field.
a desert fog.
(photo by j.ten)
layers of fog in latyers of valleys.
a gathering of sheep in a fog filled field.
a tree stands out in front of a fog filled backdrop.
tree tops amid fog.
a clear path through fog. and my favorite fog picture
a man canoeing through fog on a lake.

i love fog and mist covered scenes. theyre both mysterious and sensual. great additional pics to this weeks serenity theme. enjoy!

love odie,

and odie mama.


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