abandoned: interiors

abandonded. deserted. relinguished back to the earth. these once inhabited places hold a mix of ghostlike energy brought about by past human inhabitance, and the quiet somber energy of emptiness and loss. eerily fascinating….

gary, indiana
office building.
childrens school.
pripyat. (chernobyl exclusion zone)
there are a number of photos of this area of the world. it is infamous for its toxic habitat. a leading example of forced evacuation, abandonment and death due to human error. chilling.
an abandoned gas mask lies by a childrens doll. both left in the evacuation. their unlikely juxtaposition puts the disaster immediately into perspective.


book repository.
detroit.  i think it looks better this way..
malt factory.
never completed 50 story building.
power station.
water park.
lebow clothing factory.
im especially curious about the different equipment and monitors on the walls.
apartment building.
i love how nature is slowly reclaiming this building. lush and green and beautiful.
computer room.
where was ebay when they needed it?
the abandonment process seen in the photos of chernobly begins again. in 20 years time this place will also be covered in dust and dirt and peeling paint. perhaps trees and grass will have grown through the broken windows.
the real concern: what the radiation levels be like in 20 years time.

the earth shall eventually reclaim all of these places , with or without our consent.

after all we must remember, our presence here is brief. and time is the great equalizer.

love odie,

and odie mama.

p.s. i found a great number of sites dedicated to abandoned structures. ill be including more photos in the coming days. exteriors, and objects.. i find them so fascinating. dont you? theyre like looking through an instant viewfinder in to the past.


18 thoughts on “abandoned: interiors

  1. Love these shots. The Indiana apartment and the book repository are my favorite. They all have that Chernobyl Diaries kind of feel. I haven’t seen that movie but I’d imaging these are the kinds of pictures one would get there. Nice!

    • i saw trailer for the movie as well and was reminded of the pictures that people have taken of chernobyl over the years. should be an interesting/scary movie. i will def check it out. thank you for your feedback. :)

  2. Great insights and thought provoking pictures. I remember when we were in Bangkok that partially completed or abandoned multi-level buildings weren’t uncommon. The locals told us that it was pretty common for companies to run out of money during the building process and they would stop construction for a couple years, restart when/if they had more money. Sometimes it would take 5-10 years to complete a building but a lot would look unfinished even when they were done so that they could be added on to lol.

    • wow. great insights into the workings of that amazing city. i would love to go inside those tall tall buildings and check them out. i’ve always had a thing for abandoned buildings. thank you for sharing that important info. it helped complete the post and put the skyscrapers of thailand in another light.


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